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    at the moment since i update from Krypton to Leia i got problems with my Connection and screen.

    I use in my htpc the J3455ITX Board.

    From my HTPC i go into the Receiver over HDMI/ACR and from then to the TV.

    Its an Pioneer VSX 330. TV is an Samsung UE49NU8009.

    My screen settings is still on 1920x1080p and 50Hz.

    But everytime it goes back to 3840x2160p and 30Hz without i do anything.

    My screen alowed settings are: 1920x1080p 60Hz, 1920x1080p 50Hz, 1920x1080p 23,98 Hz....

    From CvH i got this link to test:

    Custom EDID []

    The result is this?

    LibreELEC:~ # tail /sys/class/drm/*/status

    ==> /sys/class/drm/card0-DP-1/status <==


    ==> /sys/class/drm/card0-DP-2/status <==


    ==> /sys/class/drm/card0-HDMI-A-1/status <==


    So i dont know what it says? Can somebody help me?
    Is the DP-2 wrong?? What can i do??

    On Krypton i dont have any failures with this board.

    Bios has the new update too. But nothing change.


    on an new install on generic i got 2 things they wont work on TVHeadend Backend.

    1. The Timeline from the broadcoasts which actually play wont show correct.

    2. In the version before the Numbers of the Program begins on every TV Group with 1 and so on. Mean for Example: 1 RTL 2 SAT1 and so on. Now it shows me the Numbers from the Cable provider. 201 RTL 202 SAT1 ......

    Dont know is it a bugs from TVHeadend or from the skin???

    You can grab dolphin core from Lakka sd card and paste in Libreelec installation to test if works ok.

    Hey, i grab the core but it is the same like on your addon bite.

    The other thing:

    Also you can grab retroarch binary from lakka and rename it and paste ir into retroarch addon folder, then retroarch addon will show lakka options in menu but you can try if performance is ok.

    Dont know what i should use in lakka and rename for the addon. Can u say me what i need?

    Hello bite_your_idols,

    first off all, thx for the addon. Retroarch now working good on my mini HTPC with j3455 itx processor.

    Now i have some questions:

    Game playing with the SNES/NES/N64 Emus wporking without any problems.

    When i wanted to do play gamecube games all the games stuttering on the dolphin/gamecube Emu??

    Dont know why? On the net i read that the j3455 have enough speed for gaming

    Hey, so today i installed libreelec new and your addon.

    I put all my Bios Files in the folder and my roms which i have.

    Now i start retroarch and test it so, that i get an core and go to my roms.

    This works so far and the rom starts.

    So now i get trouble to find the directory to scan all my files.

    Only i have 5 Buttons on the start:

    1. RetroArch Logo

    2. Settings

    3. Playlist

    4. History

    5. Netplay

    Is there an good Tutorial for generic build which explane what to do with retroarch, emulstation and advance launcher?

    Cant find anything.

    Hey bite_your_idols,

    first of all thx for your addon.

    I got problems to start it with IARL.

    First i take the generic build from libreelec. Then install your repro and the IARL.

    The install retroarch. But when i start retroarch without IARL i cant find to search for roms inside retroarch. I install all cores and so on.

    Then i take the libreelec extended build. With this version i can start roms from retroarch without any problems.

    The i installed IARL in extended version and want to start from IARL retroarch. But the roms wont start.

    What path or somethingelse must i do in IARL for settings?

    First i did nothing like the describe in the TUT but it wont work. Then in settings from IARL i set on libreelec extended but i dont know which path should i set?

    Can u help?


    today my ARM Box was arrived.

    It is an leelbox mxq pro 4 k with s905x ....

    look here: Leelbox MXQ PRO TV Box Android TV Box Amlogic S905X: Elektronik

    Which version should i use to install on my card?

    Before i install a few times libreelec sucesfully on my SD Card with this Tutorial:

    [HOWTO + FAQ] Install community builds from kszaq on S905/S905X/S912 device

    First i was make the boot sd and copy an device tree on sd card like tutorial.... Nothing happens

    Second i make an boot sd too without copy an device tree like tutorial.... Nothing happens....

    I disconnect power cable, the insert sd card, use the toothpick in the AV to reset and hold it, then i plug in power cable....

    Every time he normallly boot in android and i dont get in in libreelec boot menue...

    Dont know why. Can someone help me whats wrong`??? THX


    After a new install today with libreelec 7.95.1 beta all works perfect.
    No high cpu on LiveTV and all channels work synchron and without any stutterings.

    Will i go on 7.95.2 and 7.95.3 LiveTV will not work without any stuttering and asynchon.
    Also high CPU in both versions.

    Dont know why. I will now use 7.95.1 and wait and hope for final version will fix.


    before i goes on 7.95.3 i used before 7.95.1 without any problems.

    I got an new HTPC with asrock j3455 and DVB -Stick TechnoTrend CT2-4400.

    When i used 7.95.1 with tvheadend i got no stuttering pictures and asynchron sound.

    For a few days i installed new 7.95.3 and got every time same problems. Enable passthrough same disable passthrough same tooo.

    Dont know where is the problem?

    CPU is high too: CPU0 40% CPU1 80% CPU2 80% CPU340

    Think thats not normal cpu with this board??

    I attached my log:


    Hey aptalca,

    at the moment i use the latest beta of libreelec.

    I downloaded first the 32 bit then 64 bit version of lakka from the site.

    Write it with imagewriter like before and wanted to boot from USB.

    On both versions when i boot and select LIVE the bootscreen hangs on the flower.

    Dont know why?

    Which version do you use?