system restart black screen

  • All,

    First of all, the update went flawless, everything is looking and working as expected.
    Except for system restart, it makes me come out of my lazy chair and manually switch off and on once more.
    it boots normal after a system shutdown.
    I'm running the generic image on a asrock beebox n3150.

  • could you ssh in after a restart and try to grab a debuglog?

    enable debug logging in system settings before restarting, try to restart, ssh in, grab the log and paste it on a paste-servic you like ( for example).

    you can use a command for this (for the case you don't know):

    1. pastebinit /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi.log

    you will get back an URL. Provide that please.


  • All,

    Issue seems to have disappeared with alpha 4.
    Now my HD audio fails, both Dolby True Audio and DTS-HD.
    I know that Intel removed this support from its latest Windows drivers for this GPU, is Linux next? :@