RPi2 7.0.3 - > 7.95.1 update issues

  • I upgraded my Raspberry Pi 2 from 7.0.3 to 7.95.1 and I ran into the following issues:

    1: my video library was missing
    2: my ir remote was not working (remotepi board)

    Looking at the kodi.log, I see that the advancedsettings.xml with my mysql database config is loaded, but it doesn't seem to use it.

    I've also tested on my nexus 9, there after the upgrade, it does use my mysql server library. (but, on the nexus I'm using multiple profiles, because the mysql server is only available at home and not on the go)

    I've attached the zip with logs.

    PS, after downgrading to 7.0.3, everything works again