[S905/S905X] LE 7.0.x Boot issue test images

  • Everyone aware of new version in above link ?????

    I meant fixable without disabling temp sensor :cool:#109 & #110
    Can't help but wonder why there's a temp sensor, if we don't need it for something (surely it's used for more than just displaying what the CPU temp is for the curious? ) :s

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  • can you flash stock 011 minix u1 firmware and then install 012 with temp enabled?

    Based on the changelog its fixes the boot issue, which means it should boot with temp build
    Official Release - NEO U1 FW011 - 20161201 | MINIX Forum - Official

    I tried this, along with dozens of other P200 / P200_2G ROMs, over the last day or so and, so far have not found a suitable replacement for the MiniMX-G. Most failed to even boot to USB and, those that did froze within 5 reboots.

    The Tronsmart Vega S95 Telos FW had me going for a while, with an impressive 15 consecutive reboots, but then froze on the 16th.
    The led status was reversed with this ROM, so it probably would have been a bit weird having the light glowing when the box was off anyhow :huh:

    Seems that the only way to move on to these 32bit builds is to use the disabled temp sensor variant :dodgy:
    Is the Boot issue only present in the 7.0.x builds or are the 7.9.0 alpha builds also affected ?

    nvm just found out it affects both :(

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  • Not sure it's related but stormrev's few post back reminds me to check the Android firmware version in addition to the processor revision. Both boxes (M18 and MX64) that have boot issues are on firmware 106L1. My MiniMX (processor rev 020b) of which I didn't find boot issue is on firmware 107L1. My Mini MXIII (s905 rev 020c 2G/8G) of which temperature sensor reading was available with kszaq's Krypton build on Dec 4 also on 107L1 (MINI MXIII_107L1 Apr 25 2016).

    I can't find firmware version newer than 106L1 for my M18 or MX64, hence I can't say whether it's the underlying cause of boot issue.

    Here is version 108L1 if you were wondering (still has the boot isue):



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  • Hi guys........I am tearing my hair out now......please can someone advise me if there is a fix for the boot issues with the Nexbox A95X S905 1gb/8gb as I thought there was but every build i try I cannot turn back on with the remote. Please can someone put me out of misery. Thanks

    Hi, I have the same box but AFAIK there is no solution to this...did this ever work with your box?

  • Hi, I have the same box but AFAIK there is no solution to this...did this ever work with your box?

    Link #1
    The power on via remote does not work for the Nexbox A95x S905 (not the s905x)