Tvheadend nightly builds for LE

  • Hi CvH! Thank you very much for your TVH package! I thinks it's reallygreat! Hopefully theMPEG4 transcoding modes work at the raspberry pi soon. :-)

    Would it be possible to run the TVH package also at a standard raspbian? I use a raspberry pi with FHEM as a smarthome hub (with one wire bus etc. and I would like to use that one as a TVH Server, too. So I would only need one raspberry pi working 24/7. Is this possible?

    Best regards, Stephan

  • I have to say one thing about these builds of TVHeadend.

    I was using TVHeadend 4.1-2532 about from 4/10/2017 it was a bit slow when changing programmes around 5 seconds to get video going(audio works immediately) on my RPi 3 with DvbSky s920(I think that it is s920) DVB-S2 tuner.

    but now I got an idea to try and install last build for LE 8.0(I don't have LE8.2 with Linux kernel 4.8 or lower, if you have tell me please) which was the TVHeadend 4.3-362 and now the delay to get video going went from 5 to 2 or even 1 second! It is insane! I just love it!

  • Is anyone else experiencing a crashing TVH Service on Wetek Play with LibreElec 8.2.3? I tried several of the recent builds but since build 4.3-884-04.01.2018 every newer one is crashing. Not only crashing, but sometimes also damaging TVH configuration files to a point where I needed to restore a backup (e.g. TV adapter config crippled; channel list entries crippled, especially the tuned ones while TVH was crashing). The last version I tried was 4.3-1071-15.02.2018 yesterday ending up in manually remapping 6 services to damaged channels.

    Any feedback or advice is appreciated.

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