Odroid C2 - autoswitch TV into 3D mode not working in alpha builds

  • Hi,
    I'm not sure whether this is something I should mention or if it is on the agenda anyway. I thought I'll mention it just in case nobody is aware of this issue.

    In current alpha builds, if starting a 3D mkv (also MVC iso) kodi switches correctly into 3D mode, but it does not indicate the TV to do so. So you have to manually turn it on on your TV and choose the correct TAB or SBS mode via TV remote control (TV menu, not Kodi GUI).

    This is working on raspberries perfectly (I think realized through framepacked).

    And this is working as a workaround on wrxtasy's 7.0.x (7.1.x) community builds. Afaik he integrated a koying patch for making it possible.
    See here how it works: ODROID Forum • View topic - LibreELEC 7.0.2 - Kodi Jarvis 16.1 - Archived - LE Tips HERE
    In short: On wrxtasy's builds you had to set the 3D mode to "ask me" insted of "preferred mode" and as soon as Kodi asks upon starting a movie, you just confirm choosing the "preferred mode" and it would switch the TV automatically in the correct 3D mode (sounds a bit weird, but it is that way).

    Funny thing though: Last week I tried wrxtasy's C2 build on a Sony Android TV (X8507c Series). And there it switched always correctly even without the workaround with "ask me". You could leave it on automatic "preferred mode" and it would switch just like it did on the Raspberry Pis. I guess Android TV is the reason that it works there perfectly, because wrxtasy integrated Koyings 3D patch, wich was meant to be for Android Kodi (SPMC).

    Is there any aim to integrate 3D functionality in Odroid C2 Krypton builds in the future?

  • Agreed with this bug - v7.90.009 does not switch the TV appropriately into 3D mode.
    MVC 3D files play only as 2D (they work fine on the raspberry pi)

    I will be entering a bug report on this forum with other bugs with v7.90.009 for Odroid C2.