RetroELEC Kodi+Wayland+Emulationstation+RetroArch (x86/XU4/RPi)

  • Sounds like you should buy her a faster router :) You could absolutely run a filemanager in Docker, but unfortunately Emulationstation menu options are part of the binary and not the theme, so you won't be able to add a shortcut there.

  • I already add a system entry "programs" in emulation station that launch .sh files like retropie menu

    It's not the better way but it works for launching some dockers or linux games ;)

  • Well said, don't let things like this get in the way of the greater goood!

    Hey guys, this looks like a fight before a fork. Scary. Don't forget: users don't care about intellectual ownership, and you both know (or belief to know) what you did. So, forget the past and start writing change logs. Peace! :heart:

  • Well, that actually didn't make much sense but I get what you are trying to say :) This bickering simply means he's on his own as far as I'm concerned. I'll still be doing what I always have done. I have some ideas going forward, stay tuned.

  • Well I tried to stay out of this and thought he will grow up at some point and stop to constantly spread so stories he made up. To make things clear when I started to rebase his project he wasn't quite active at all. He played not a crucial part when I rebased nor provided crucial help over time. I was able to fix things up in the past and will be able to introduce new stuff if it makes sense or someone asks for it as in the past. Normally I would keep him bullshitting because for unknown reasons it looks like he's satisfied by this but I thought at least that he'll keep his opinion to this thread.

    So here we are for some humiliation :rolleyes:

    These flags fixed the compilation of the dolphin & ppsspp package with cmake & ninja. I'm not sure why he highlights both lines because he never used the ninja fix in the past but rather disabled this toolchain. :/ at libreelec-9.x-rr-working-tree · 5schatten/ · GitHub at libreelec-9.x-rr-working-tree · 5schatten/ · GitHub

    The interesting point is that while he uses the ninja fix in his current ppsspp package too :/

    RetroELEC/ at le9 · escalade/RetroELEC · GitHub

    he was not able to fix this stuff back in the days for dolphin :/

    RetroELEC/ at le82 · escalade/RetroELEC · GitHub

    Now maybe someone else used this fix before in his packages....:/

    dolphin: updated to r5.0-9275 / fixed ninja build · 5schatten/[email protected] · GitHub

    So let's check when he added this cmake, not ninja, fix to the good old dolphin package... this happened here

    dolphin: update to c259469 · escalade/R[email protected] · GitHub

    and not really a surprise for me others used pretty much the same fix for a similar purpose

    build-style cmake: replace -isystem with -I · void-linux/[email protected] · GitHub

    So as we all see this was pretty much humiliating. I hope you aren't to harsh to "pullmoll" when you tell him that he used a quite similar code for a similar problem before you did. :rolleyes:

    And about the rest I would really appreciate if you either stop making up stories or if you would at least tell the people who inspired you if you had a "genius idea" how to fix some build problems. /shrug

  • It's doctor crazy, back again. You know, making up a lot of stuff doesn't actually make you right you know? For your information, ninja didn't exist in LE 8.2, I manually backported it and as a result I turned it off in packages that already compiled.

    Unlike you, I can actually use my brain and figure things out. The isystem sed is my original as you can see here: Problems cross compiling Dolphin for LibreELEC

    I found hints to the issue in the GCC bugtracker and experimented with the compiler command. This was copied by Lakka (which is mentioned when they added it) and yourself. Oh yeah, great thinking, of course I wouldn't be able to apply my own sed expression to instead of flags.make. You're a genius!!

    Get back to your version bumping and copying ok, and stop polluting my thread.

    Again, you're welcome for everything that's in your build.

  • So when I stop reacting here you start to write private messages. Congrats. I'm pretty sure it's obvious who's craving for attention & maybe has some ADHD issues. ;)

    About the rest -> check the date of the commit & the topic it resolves. Months before you came up with your solution others already used quite the same and since you've asking for help in the dolphin forum I suspect you haven't been able to fix this instantly on your own.

    It's not like other packages hadn't similiar problems with -isystem flags which resulted in missing <stdlib.h> and it's not like others were able to solve these problems independently. Whether you backported ninja or not doesn't matter you disabled it for a package that builds with ninja once you apply "your own sed expression" with slightly changes which amazes me because you could have easily fixed this issue. But you didn't. ;)

    Once again I'm tired of this whole thing. I see you can't or won't stop making up stories which is fine as long as you don't bother me about that./shrug

  • "Private messages", that says it all doesn't it?

    So you managed to find someone that did the same ugly hack as I did months before me, great job. You're on to me Sherlock Holmes, this was all a great plot to make you look stupid, I have been planning it for years. That was the reason I described in detail how I came to my conclusion, wow how do you come up with this? Well, I'm not actually surprised.

    Sorry, but you managed perfectly well to make a joke out of yourself don't blame it on me. You keep repeating that you're tired of this whole thing, yet you come back with this "master plan"?

    Man, all this because you couldn't handle that I said "he copied my packages so they should function the same". The guy who basically did a cp -a packages/escalade/* /path/to/5schatten/ has got quite the ego. Even a monkey could copy my packages over to LE9 I spent literally 5 minutes on that. You realize that I started this on OpenELEC before this thread was even started right? I didn't have any prior artwork to look at for most of the things I added, I invested a lot of time in learning the toolchain and producing the things you take for granted and call your own. Not that nobody else could do it, by all means, but seriously GTFO with this false sense of ownership you have.

  • Uploaded some new builds last night with some minor updates:

    • Linux 5.1.3
    • Samba 4.9.8
    • Latest Intel ucode (Zombieload fixes)
    • Compiled mame2016 with OpenMP support
    • Fixed ES crashing when returning from a game due to an LTO issue with libcec
  • Uploaded new images:

    * Added back NFS kernel server (with v4 support), by default /storage/roms and /storage/media (mounted drives) are exported

    * AutoFS filesystem mounted at /media/Autofs (automatically mount NFS servers by accessing /media/Autofs/<hostname>)

    * The latest AVX2/AVX512 optimizations from Clear Linux

    * fba-libretro is now fbneo-libretro (update your /storage/.emulationstation/es_systems.cfg)

  • New regular builds have been uploaded:

    * Linux 5.2.0-rc3 (Generic/RPi)

    * Added "chdman" from MAME - converts cue/bin to the compressed CHD format

    * Renamed beetledc to flycast (update es_systems.cfg if upgrading)

    * Mesa 19.1.0-rc5

    * Versions bump for lots of libretro cores

    EDIT: Kodi builds up as well.

  • Hi

    Could you explain me the use and configuration of AutoFS/SMB ? I didn't undestand

    I would like add some new path to SMB shares