LE8 "Remix" (Generic/RPi) Emulationstation/Chrome/Spotify PROVIDE LOGS IF PROBLEMS

  • Updated avx build: reverted to 4.17.5 (due to unresolved build issues with 4.18 and openssl 1.1), llvm 6.0.1, fixed qemu-arm, use kms by default if using modesetting driver, updated libretro cores (reicast, mgba, mame2016, fbalpha, dosbox, desmume, citra)

    I've also updated my escalade1/arch-build container on the Docker hub, instructions how to build with it has been added to the first post. It's a container based on base/archlinux with the minimal package set needed for building LibreELEC.

  • Minor update with mesa 18.2-git, improved kms detection and fixed reicast. Also added the new OIT reicast core.

    Does reicast still need a compat profile & is the GLSL error fixed? The last reicast versions did not really work for me at all.

  • If anyone has an RPi2 (or 3), would appreciate if anyone could try the latest build 20180719.

    - Built from latest tree and upgraded kernel to 4.17.5

    - Switched from reicast standalone to reicast-libretro

    - Switched from uae4arm to amiberry

    - Switched from mame2003 to mame2003-plus

  • The generic build has been updated and brought up to speed. There's also 20180720-2 which uses aliaspider's updated Dolphin libretro port instead of the standalone version. All my latest changes have been commited to github and my tree should now build without issue with my Docker image mentioned in the first post.

  • I've got some cool news to report. Although the SDL2 kms video driver is nothing new, I've had mixed results trying it before. I'm happy to report that it now works great! As RetroArch support KMS directly, and every standalone emulator in this build uses SDL2, we can now run everything under KMS. We could actually stop the X server while playing games, but I use it for switching refresh rates through xrandr. The additional standalone emulators that now runs in KMS are VICE C64, FS-UAE and Dosbox. Haven't done any measurements but it definitely feels like FS-UAE has better input lag (although it wasn't bad before).

    I've uploaded a new avx build that has these improvements. It also uses the recently updated Dolphin libretro core instead of the standalone emulator (change your es_systems.cfg if upgrading). No more X :)