S802/S812-Libreelec images for 7/8/9

  • So...i started uploading RC4 and this is as close to final as i can get it to be. Try to push it as hard as it goes so we can squash as many bugs as possible before final.
    chunk1982 You have reported some bugs in the previous version that hopefully are fixed, if anything else comes up feel free to post it.
    Ok guys this is it, was a fun ride till now with all you guys supporting my work and kszaq's we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the feedback and enthusiasm you showed thus far for our work.
    Regards and have a lovely weekend :)

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  • Demetris I thank you! Will get it updated later today and put it through its paces

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    So far so good, power issue has been fixed, both wired and WiFi speeds are very VERY good. My Bluetooth dongle and sound bar are also working [WINKING FACE] very much loving this ROM demetris thank you again

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    One thing I have noticed, my LG TV has a native resolution of 1360x768 but in display resolution settings I don't get offered it now instead I get offered the following...
    Is this done on purpose or is there a bug in the way it detects supported resolutions?
    Many thanks again

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  • Thank your for the information kszaq (and also for what you have done for the community, it is very much appreciated)

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  • Hi Demetris,
    To be sure which of the image is suited for Tronsmart S89, the third image on the list is what I though is meant for Tronsmart, the reason why I am asking is, when I shut and close kodi, I see several black scripts running through, is that expected or could it be the third image I have used is incorrect for Tronsmart vega s89

  • Hi Demetries,

    Could you please clarify with Firmware would be the right one for the Beelink MXIII m82 2G Box? I kind of got lost with so many different boxes which have same hardware :huh:

    Thank You

  • Read OP better i state clearly that for your box S82 image is the one to flash all other boxes with 2gb ram can use the M8 image.

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  • Go read my release post for rc4 and you will find out. I will give ~a week of testing then if no bugs are reported final will be out.