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    Please I need assistance to determine why Live Tv slow to start and freezes for few mins when I change changed channel.

    I dont I have this issue in prior version Kodi 19.5, everything works out of the box

    I noticed in the log that each time that I change channel if seems to create an error

    I couldn't post full loghere coz it contains sensitive info

    Any assistance will dearly be appreciated


    2023-06-04 16:05:30.170 T:1037 warning <general>: OutputPicture - timeout waiting for buffer

    2023-06-04 16:05:30.672 T:1037 info <general>: CDVDVideoCodecFFmpeg::CDropControl: calculated diff time: 33366

    2023-06-04 16:05:32.687 T:974 info <general>: Loading skin file: DialogPVRChannelsOSD.xml, load type: LOAD_EVERY_TIME

    2023-06-04 16:05:34.871 T:974 info <general>: AddOnLog: pvr.iptvsimple: pvr.iptvsimple - GetChannelStreamProperties - Live Stream URL:…epg/"

    Your non-debug Kodi log doesn't show much, but since the media is 2160p ~ if it's an HDR file Kodi does not currently support HDR so the colours will appear muted and washed out. Solution is to see if the original disc has a non-HDR version on the disk and re-rip.

    chewitt, Thanks for geyour response, since I have been experincing this issue I further digged into this washout issue it became apprent that the cuurent Kodi stable doesn't suopport 2160p. Hence thanks for the clarification, however, is there a plan to add this feature or 2160p in the next kodi build.

    Here is the link from Kodi on issue relating to 18.5 Kodi stable unable to play HDR

    4k really washed out, 1080p fine



    I appreciate any suugestions to resolve the issue of 4k play back washout as I am not sure if the issue is due to incorrect kodi settings or Kodi is not able to 4k movies or nor what could be the underlining issue. I posted a log of the most resent 4k playback if this will reveal the cause, also my system info.



    if your clients can handle all the media thrown at which I believe LE codec can handle then it will put less stress on the server. Emby media can handle all the metadata better than Kodi. The scrapping is done automatically, the team are very supportive I will recommend it over plex which is an alternative to managing media server just my personal presence not condemning plex (of which I have a life time subscription) good luck

    Hi, Please can someone assist, I run LE generic on wins10 dual boot, my LE is configured to bootup into LE on windows start up. I am currently on one version below the latest. My challenge is I do not wish to recreate my dual booting wins/LE from scratch, hence I need a tar file for v9.1.002 for the update.

    Any suggestions


    Just use a microSD and install. That way, you have two versions. fine

    I have kodi 18 working on SD, the issue is when I tried to write the image over 17.6, it fails each times that I tried, it appears something in emmc 17.6 would allow Kodi 18 to fully overide the emmc. I wonder if anyone else I have been able to override the 17.6 with 18.

    Maybe you could try to install it on a fresh system(guess you have also an android installed beside-t replyhen maybe just delete the libre files via adb or root-file-manager to keep your settings and apps on android). Maybe that way you got no conflicting files of older install and it works for you then...

    Thanks for the reply, my issue is my android is gone, and I did not have a backup for years since I have been using balbes image, 17.6 installed into emmc with no problem. If I could obtain Android iso for Tronsmart Vega S95 that will be fine, but I dont have one since I prefer Libreelec on emmc.

    Hi Balbes, Please assist every time that tried to write into emmc fails

    Thanks for the write up', I am 100% certain I followed exact steps as you described, but when the system reboot, it generates an error message. I will review the uEnv.ini file again as that could be the only portion where things could have got messed up.


    New images 20180920 (kernel 3.14).

    I draw attention to the changes. Now the process of installing the system in eMMC has changed. The default install of the additional copy of the LE at eMMC without uninstalling regular Android. Now, to install LE in eMMC, there is a special menu item in "Libreelec->Services->eMMC->Install to eMMC". When you select this menu item, LE will be copied to eMMC in parallel to Android (Android is fully saved and can be used). Also in the new images added two menu items to create and restore a full copy of the eMMC on external media (along with the bootloader, settings and all data). I recommend that you make sure you create a full copy of eMMC before installing LE on eMMC. Depending on the type of external media and how busy eMMC data is, the backup process can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. After the copy is created or restored, the system automatically shuts down. It is not recommended to use the system during creation and recovery (to reduce the risk of errors). For those who want to install LE in eMMC with delete Android, you need to rename the script on the external media beforehand "" to "", start the system from external media and also select the item in the menu. The system will execute the installation LE to replace eMMC with Android on LE.

    Hi Balbes,

    I current have this version LibreELEC-S905_SD_USB.aarch64-17.6_20180122.img working in my Tronsmart s905 emmc.

    Also I have burned this version LibreELEC-S905.aarch64-9.0-devel-20181114151758-cbfbde4.img into SD card and is working fine, each time I tried to write this version in emmc I get an error message.

    The process will start with write to emmc, after a short time the box will power off.

    Next I removed the SD and power on the box, then a script message pop up

    "Never touch boot=in ex linux.conf /cmdline.txt!

    if you don't know what you are doing,

    your installation is now broken.

    normal startup in 60s....20"

    after the above several lines of scripts is written

    "FAILED] failed to start load kernel models"

    Could you advice where I have gone wrong, How to update S905.aarch64-9.0 into existing emmc S905_SD_USB.aarch64-17.6.