S802/S812-Libreelec images for 7/8/9

  • I get E:Error in /tmp/sideload/package.zip when trying to install from within recovery. Im not sure what is wrong i have tried everything lol. I should of just left it alone i just wanted to update to get the remote to work.

  • Get the zip and unzip it into an sd or usb you get 2 files one of those is a zip then boot into recovery select the zip file and flash away

  • I unzip zip, one file is le update.zip other is factory file. When I select update file in recovery I get the error. I can't even just run from usb stick now. I did install to internal first time round which worked. Could this of affected the internal memory? I then had to flash original android rom back on because update within le didn't work.

  • I've got the stock android v2 found in this link. Is there anyway you can help me? How do I change the bootloader?

  • avd on your own risk always
    M8 20150617swe.rar - FileFactory

    I got it sorted chunk1982 sent me this link that got me back on kodi 16 then I used your rc3 tar file to update from within le. I did notice there was 3 files put onto micro sd card update file factory file and recovery.

    My remote is not working so I will try sending that over to the box tonight.

    Thanks Demetris for all the hard work and a thank you to chunk1982 for the files that sorted my box out.

  • No worries avd, once you drop the remote.config on and reboot box remote does work again. Tbh this is probably the best ROM I've used in a long time

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  • Yeh it's nice and snappy. I was gonna sell the box the other week but what I paid for it I wouldn't get nothing for it now. It will get some use now.

  • your board file is called stvm8_dongle_1ga and stvm8m2_tongfang_2gpmu, looks like there is no reference in the kernel about it, sorry
    You can try the 1GB edition and see if it boots for you

    IT WORKS! Thanks ever so much! I was never able to get it to boot directly from USB or SD, but I was able to load the official OpenELEC from MyGica, then used the LibreELEC-S802.MXIII-1G.arm-8.0.RC3.tar to update from OpenELEC. Both wired and wireless appear to be working. I'll get a chance tomorrow to test power on/off and remote but thanks again for the help!