S802/S812-Libreelec images for 7/8/9

  • hmm i will release new images with bluetooth and that issue fixed asap

    first of all, thank you for still keeping our old boxes up to date.
    i am having this permission denied issue when trying to installtointernal as well with RC4. the reason I'm trying to stick with this version for now is because I am not having any luck installing 8.0.1 ( i am following your rules about a coming from a fresh android install, and also a .tar update from openelec.) any help will be greatly appreciated.
    i have 2 devices, M8 and M8S both with the roundish remotes.
    thanks again.

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  • Demetris, will S8X2.tar work on M8S with 10/100Lan S812, coming from OE to LE? Thanks

    I began working on supporting S812 devices all i need now is the board files or a boot.img/.dtb so i can add it as i dont own the devices

  • I began working on supporting S812 devices all i need now is the board files or a boot.img/.dtb so i can add it as i dont own the devices

    Is that something we can help you with?
    One of mine is an M8S. I have to see if it's an 812 tho.

  • Hi Demetris that boot.img is that the "board file" you were referring to when i asked about changing the led colour as my box displays red while on and green while off?
    If it is would it still be ok for me to upload it to see if you could possibly patch it in the future if you get chance?
    Many thanks


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  • oem boot.img that comes from android implements a secondary image that holds the board files(could be many). I need it to dissasembly it to get them.

  • Hello Demetris,
    do you do also Lakka 2.0 rc3 and rc4 for S802 devices? I dont know where I can send feedback, but I have problem with not-working PS3 (Shanwan) Wireless Bluetooth joystick. It works only wired, but is unable to pair to my MXIII device.
    If I look to top I see process brcm_patchram_p which takes 100% of CPU:

    2432 root 20 0 1632 156 124 R 100.0 0.0 14:49.41 brcm_patchram_p

    I also tested the same builds (Lakka 2.0 rc3 and rc4) for Raspberry Pi3 and for PC and there the same joystick works without any problem.

    Sorry if this should be posted to another forum.


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  • I just booted 8.0 with sd on a mx3 1gb s802. But I cannot install to internal as I get permission denied.
    Is there anyway to fix the install to internal?

    I tried the 7.0.3 and 8.01 and this gave me errors "flash/system" not found.

    Just want to say thanks for the work you put into this. Gave my box a new life! Thanks

  • Anyone got a working Krypton build for the M8S+ please or anyone know if one of the existing Krypton builds out there will work?

    Exodus and Quasar both stopped working on v16 :(

    Please help, happy to donate for a working build....Demetris??