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    Perhaps double check LibreELEC Network settings. Perhaps double check cable or switch port.

    If no luck, does downgrade to 8.0.2e make Ethernet work again?

    If not there may be a physical issue. Could be cable or switch port. Or (hopefully not) MX port.

    Good luck (I have the p200 MiniMX-G too)

    I wanted to update you all,

    Idiot me used the wrong device tree. my box has 1gbit lan and I used 100m for the update.

    issue is now resolved.

    Hello all,

    I have an MiniMX S905 2GB/16GB ROM. yesterday i updated it from 8.0.2e to 8.1.5 and i have immediately lost the use of Ethernet.

    Now i get an IP address but its not correct and i do not get any internet access.

    however Wifi 2.4 and 5 work perfectly fine.

    Any ideas?


    Now cracked this power button problem by a process of elimination with kodiuser1's earlier remote.conf. The line I needed was 0X51 704 but cannot understand that 704 value as not on my list of KODI command codes as way out of the range. Changed that to 116 and all working perfectly now.

    Here is the link which I hope works for you as Dropbox have recently made some changes to their public folder but this is the only way I know how to make it available to all. Dropbox - BEELINK

    this file worked for me.

    thank you so much. the remote is different but the box is the same. others may try this as well.



    where can I get remote.conf for m8 remote control with round corners if I don't have original android rom? any help would be greatly appreciated.

    i will upload the file this evening.

    Thanks i will have a look at it. I didnt see any other reporting this. Anyway if you want to unlock the full potentials of S802/S812 you have to try Lakka. ;) Is the most powerfull arm soc to day.

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    I read about it earlier today at the beginning of this thread. I will flash it tomorrow.
    Thank you for all you do in keeping this clunker alive.

    So you say that upgrading from android using the zip file doesnt work?

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    That's correct. It just boots back to android. No error shows up though. It goes through as if it was installing.
    There is only 2 files in the sd card after extracting the zip.
    I was under the impression that there was 3 when i started flashing openelec years ago. I don't know if that's the problem.

    I am very happy to report that I was able to update my M8 K200 box from 3-4 years ago to your latest version uploaded 4/10.
    After several usuccesful attempts via img file, zip file, and who knows what else I tried, I was able to boot into an old Openelec build, update with .tar file and with the help of chunk1982 and Demetris I was able to create the infamous .nocompat file to use with the .tar update.
    Then the remote did not work, aaahhhhhh!!!!!! So I booted back to android. Extracted the remote.config file using es file explorer, and started all over again.
    Finally. I'm happy to report, that I'm running the latest libreelec build Demetris has made available to date.

    I did learn a lot tho. So thank you all involved behind the scenes on making this hobby possible.


    Posted by Demetris - 21 minutes ago Lol windblows i will upload the file for you

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    Thank you so much, you guys are the best.
    I just kept trying multiple ways and finally this worked for me.
    Opened Notepad,
    clicked File
    Save As
    entered .nocompant
    changed the file type dropdown from .txt to "All Files"
    and it saved!!!!

    who knew something so simple could be so difficult.
    either way, i going to download your file just in case so I'll post back this evening if i had success with the .tar file.

    thanks again.

    Make windows show file extension's. Create a new text file and name it .nocompat which will then automatically save it as .nocompat.txt, right click on it then click rename and remove the .txt part and press enter. Windows will then kick off but just click OK or save. It should then become a different icon meaning windows does not recognise it and should now be named .nocompat

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    i tried exactly that using win 10 and win 7 and still no luck. see short video i just uploaded.
    .nocompat file creation - YouTube

    i feel like an idiot. :(

    If you can get openelec to install create the .nocompat file on a pc and use a USB flash drive to copy it a long withe the update .tar to your box using kodi file manager. Just make sure you have enabled "show hidden files and folders" once done reboot box and it should update

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    thank you and pardon my ignorance, how can i create that file? i tried renaming a blank .txt file but i get an error saying "you must type a file name"

    Hi Demetris and other helpful libreelec friends,

    I am getting the error "to prevent automatic repair attempt continuing press any key or power off your system within the next 120 seconds" when i try to install the latest LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.0.1-M8.img.gz file. This is on my S802 M8 with the roundish remote. BTW RC4 also fails.
    I am installing from android and i have cleared cache and data after a clean android install.
    I've also tried to unzip and install that way but it just boots back to android. (it seems to be missing a file)
    lastly, i installed Openelec and other libreelec builds (which do install fine) but i am not able to get the .nocompat file to the update folder when i SSH "touch /storage/.update/.nocompat" to use the .tar file you provided.

    Do i have some bad memory cards or can this issue be caused by something else?
    thank you so much for your help again.

    hmm i will release new images with bluetooth and that issue fixed asap

    first of all, thank you for still keeping our old boxes up to date.
    i am having this permission denied issue when trying to installtointernal as well with RC4. the reason I'm trying to stick with this version for now is because I am not having any luck installing 8.0.1 ( i am following your rules about a coming from a fresh android install, and also a .tar update from openelec.) any help will be greatly appreciated.
    i have 2 devices, M8 and M8S both with the roundish remotes.
    thanks again.