Gamestarter: Retrogaming add-ons (RPi/Generic)

  • Am I missing something basic here? I just installed the GameStarter repo as pointed to from GitHub - bite-your-idols/Gamestarter: Retrogaming kodi add-on repository for LibreELEC

    (This is on a RPi4 running Libreelec 9.97.1)

    The repo installs. When I go to select to install the other components from the GameStarter repo - all it lists is the "Add-on repository" category pointing to the GameStarter repo .

    Looking at the repo xml it appears to be correct, and the URLs are up.

    Any idea why I'm not seeing the contents from the Repo to install?


  • Because Gamestarter is not compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix ...

    HP ProDesk 600 G1 Desktop Mini PC - LE10 Nightly dualboot with Android TV x86 Pie

    Shuttle XS35GS V3 - Intel Atom D2550 - 4GB Ram - AMD Radeon HD7410M GPU - LE10 Nightly

    T95Mini 2GB + 16GB eMMC

  • Can you share the retroarch build script ? I would like to upgrade retroarch to latest version but i have no idea how you built it.