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    Did you select the roms path from ES settings?or edit es_systems.cfg manually..looks like ES is not finding the roms folder..folders need to be named properly for each launcher..

    Also by default ES only reads these formats for NDS .nds .zip .NDS .ZIP so if your roms are in any other format ES won't launch

    1. <system>
    2. <name>nds</name>
    3. <fullname>Nintendo DS</fullname>
    4. <path>/var/media/HDD/Emulators/roms/nds</path>
    5. <extension>.nds .zip .NDS .ZIP</extension>
    6. <command>/storage/.kodi/addons/game.retroarch/addon.start drastic %ROM% ES</command>
    7. <platform>nds</platform>
    8. </system>

    This is an example how mine looks

    Thank you. I've found the mistake: /emulators/roms/*.nds instead of /emulators/roms/nds/*.nds

    Does anyone know how to get started with the Gamestarter repository and DraStic NDS games?

    After installing DraStic I got the message that you also need to install the Advanced Emulator Launcher or EmulationStation.

    When I opened EmulationStation after installing it, the message "We can not find any systems" appeared.

    What could this be and what do I have to do to correct this error? (I've already installed RetroArch and it works fine with GBA games)

    ok ;)

    Now the problem is solved. I've formatted the SD card and wrote a clean image on it.

    In Addition to that i've deaktivated the WLAN of the raspberry pi, because it's connected to a LAN cable.

    After that everything works fine.

    part 2

    part 1

    I use a synology nas with phpMyAdmin and MariaDB to create a database for my music and videos.

    LibreELEC (8.0.2) is installed on a raspberry pi 3. The “wait for network delay” is set to 10 seconds.

    After updating to MariaDB 10 the sync didn’t work any longer.

    The only thing i’ve additionally changed was the port to 3307.

    Here is my advancedsettings.xml:

    I've tried this advancedsettings.xml on an windows pc with Kodi and it works without problems.