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    Running LibreELEC 9.2.6 (on RPi 3 and 4) I find that if I use Airplay via an iPhone to play some music (and 'Allow Volume Control' is enabled in AirPlay Service Settings) I find that when I disconnect from AirPlay that the overall volume in the LibreELEC/Kodi system has been turned down, and I need to go into the Audio Settings when I start a movie and put the volume back up to 0.0 dB.

    Is there a setting I'm missing that will allow me to play Airplay and control the volume on my phone, but when Airplay disconnects the volume returns to the previous level (typically 0.0 dB) ?


    I tried a different laptop today with an external HDMI monitor. Same issue. Kodi doesn't see external screen, and no sway service available whilst Kodi running. When desktop is active, the display is spanned across the 2 displays.

    Anyone able to run the latest generic build on a laptop external display?


    I'm also starting to play with the latest Generic build on a laptop that is connect to an external screen via a DisplayPort to HDMI cable.

    On boot up I get the RetroELEC boot splash screen on both Laptop and external screens.

    It boots up into Kodi, but only the Laptop screen is enabled, and I can't see anywhere in the Kodi System Video settings to change displays.

    If I switch to Desktop I get the display on both screens.

    If I switch to RetroArch the laptop screen is active, but I can activate the external screen by switching to display #2, but it reverts to the laptop screen when I launch a MAME game.

    On the generic LibreELEC build I used to use xrandr commands to active the external screen and disable to laptop screen, but xrandr doesn't appear to be in the RetroELEC build.

    Is sway meant to replace xrandr ???

    I found the sway config and did some reading, but when I was booted into Kodi I couldn't get info on sway

     RetroELEC (community): devel-20200716014709 (Generic.x86_64)
    LibreELECusb:~ # swaymsg -t get_outputs
    00:00:00.000 [common/ipc-client.c:67] Unable to connect to /run/sway.sock

    Is there a set of commands (possibly to put in an that can control/force external displays in the various environments for Kodi, RetroArch, MAME, Desktop ?


    Comparing the RPi4 and generic x86 builds I've noticed that when switching between environments (LibreELEC/ES/MAME) on the x86 build it quickly switches to the desktop screen (with the car background) as it transitions between systems.

    I don't see that transition on the RPi4 build.

    Is that just a quirk on the generic x86 build, or is it something that can be configured to just display blank during the transition?

    I notice this when: selecting EmulationStation menu item in LibreELEC; Starting a MAME2003plus game within ES; exiting game/Retroarch and returning to ES. I don't notice it when I leave ES and Start Kodi via the ES menu.

    This is version 20200716014709 of the Generic.x86_64 build.


    Resolved: Found mame2003_plus core here index - powered by h5ai v0.29.0 ( Manual download and copy worked.

    Is it possible to get MAME2003_Plus core installed and working on the x86 Generic build?

    I've got a working RetroELEC build on a RPi4 with MAME2003_Plus ROMs and config. I was looking to see if I could easily transfer/build it on to a spare laptop.

    I've installed RetroELEC-Generic.x86_64-9.2-devel-20200716014709 build, but it doesn't have a MAME2003_plus core.

    I'm looking to reuse my existing MAME2003_plus ROMs (on a shared NAS), so looking to get the 2003_plus core installed on the generic build rather than a different set of ROMs.

    Is this possible?

    The RetroArch Online Updater interface on RetroELEC doesn't show the option to download cores, and I haven't been able to find it anywhere to download.


    Has anyone had any luck trying to install the scraper Skyscraper GitHub - muldjord/skyscraper: Powerful and versatile game scraper written in c++ on RetroELEC on a RPI4 build?

    Given the RPi4 image is fairly locked down I couldn't do the manual apt-get install, and I couldn't get the wget install working either.

    I've just started to get back into retro gaming and want to get some of the Video Snaps to jazz up the EmulationStation frontend and SkyScraper appears to be one of the easy ways to scrape for the videos for the Mame games.


    I m sure few posts back on this thread bite_your_idols was trying to get ES to work with RPi 4 with no success...on the other hand AEL and RA works fine and you can set them up with all the bells and whistles i.e artwork etc..

    edit it's post #1069

    Ah thanks. I wasn't quite sure if RPi4 was fully supported. I got RA working with the manual config change. I'd just switched over from the RetroELEC build which has ES, RA working on RPi4, so I'm sure it's possible. I'll just wait it out.


    I've just done a new install of Gamestarter on my RPi4 LibreELEC 9.2.3 install and get the same error when trying to start EmulationStation.

    EmulationStation is installed from GameStarter repository and is v8.201.1

    emulationstation_debug.log shows:

    ConfigPath /storage/.config/emulationstation
    lvl0: Error creating SDL window!
    Could not create GLES window surface
    lvl0: Renderer failed to initialize!
    lvl0: Window failed to initialize!

    emulationstation.log shows:

    EmulationStation [ADDON] :: Sat Jul 25 17:24:51 AEST 2020
    EmulationStation [ADDON] :: Firts Run!
    EmulationStation [ADDON] :: RPi
    EmulationStation [ADDON] :: Kodi is ready.
    EmulationStation [ADDON] :: RPi4.arm-9.2.3 - Sat Jul 25 17:24:55 AEST 2020
    EmulationStation [ADDON] :: Stop kodi...
    EmulationStation [ADDON] :: Launch EmulationStation (See process output in emulationstation_debug.log)
    EmulationStation [ADDON] :: Set LC_ALL=C
    EmulationStation [ADDON] :: Restart kodi...

    I can get RetroArch working and playing cores OK. LibreELEC works OK.

    Any pointers from anyone?

    EDIT: Resolved. Found default.cfg in ~/.config/retroarch/savefiles/mame2003-plus/cfg

    How to restore default mame2003plus in game keys on my RetroELEC installation on my Raspberry Pi?

    I stuffed up the in-game options key settings (the ones normally invoked eg. with TAB). I made 'select' Nul - which makes it a bit hard to fix things.

    But, I can't figure out in RetroELEC which CFG file to delete to revert back to default. RetroELEC seems to have slightly different paths to standard RetroArch/RetroPie.

    Which CFG file can I delete? I've tried /storage/.config/retroarch/retroarch.cfg but that didn't reset it. The keys on the mame2016 still work, so it's something core/system specific, but I just can't find it.

    Can someone point me in the right direction on RetroELEC?


    I'm running LibreELEC on an intel laptop with the Enigma2 PVR Client Addon.

    LibreELEC (official): 9.2.3, kernel: Linux x86 64-bit version 5.1.16

    Kodi (18.7 Git:18.7.1-Leia). Platform: Linux x86 64-bit

    I've got Enigma2 PVR Addon v3.28.7.1 installed from the LibreELEC Add-ons repository.

    It says there's an updated version v3.28.9.1 available.

    If I try to install, it fails - "Add-on couldn't be loaded. An unknown error has occurred."

    Checking the log I see:

    ERROR: Unable to load /storage/.kodi/addons/pvr.vuplus/, reason: /storage/.kodi/addons/pvr.vuplus/ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32

    The updated v3.28.9.1 plugin installs and works on a RPi 32-bit installation.

    Any idea of the cause of the error? Is there some conflict between 64 bit version and plugin?

    With current RPi and Libreelec setups do most people just use the SD for boot/system/storage - or is still recommend to also include a USB key to put storage on?

    I remember years ago it was recommended to use a USB so the system on the SD could be blown away easily without impacting the environment (I think that was the story)

    But now with larger, faster SD cards I was about to rebuild a RPi and was probably going to get rid of the USB key.

    What's the current recommendations with SD and USB keys?

    (My video files are on a network share)


    I get the same error on Version devel-20170824 generic.

    Where's the file meant to be?

    EDIT: on the 20170824 system I found:

    /usr/lib/ (** Link to /usr/lib/
    /usr/lib/ (** Link to /usr/lib/

    On an old 20170530 system I find:

    /usr/lib/ (** Link to /usr/lib/


    /usr/lib/ (** Link to /usr/lib/

    It looks like 20170824 is missing the link ??


    I'm running LibreELEC on a RPi in a excercise area and I turn the RPi off each time between sessions.

    Is there a config setting to have LibreELEC start back up in the menu/screen area it was when it was turned off rather than back to the home screen?

    eg. if I was in a episode list of a TV Show, to start back up in the same list - or at least in the TV Shows section.

    I don't know if this is something with the mame2014 engine, or how it's been configured under the Community Extended build, but I cannot figure out:

    1) saving of high scores

    2) saving game states (says Core does not support state saves)

    3) Enabling cheats

    This is all for traditional Arcade based games (Galaxian, Donkey Kong, etc).

    Anyone got any pointers? This is running on a x64 platform.


    Found it. To have the Retroarch and core info displayed in the lower-left corner there is an advanced setting to enable.

    To display the version number on the Retroarch Menu follow the following menu configurations:

    1. Settings
    2. User Interface
    3. Show Advanced Settings: ON
    4. Menu
    5. Display core name: ON

    How do you determine the Retroarch version installed with LibreELEC Community Edition?

    When I go into RetroArch no version info is displayed in the lower-left corner. Not sure if this is a config item, but I can't get it to display.

    I'm trying to compare 2 different LibreELEC installs (1xCommunity, 1x with RetroArch 1.5.0 installed) and wanted to confirm the verison.


    The skin sounds were changed to the scroll sound from the default ES theme (simple-dark). You can't actually change them due to the read-only nature of LE, but you could copy the estuary theme from /usr/share/kodi/addons to /storage/.kodi/addons and replace the sounds there.

    New build 20170528 has been uploaded that fixes the cherry trail / tronsmart x5 plus pcm issue (updated alsa-lib).


    In the end I grabbed the original sounds from xbmc/addons/resource.uisounds.kodi at master · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub and put them in /storage/.kodi/addons and then enabled them via the addons menu.

    Thanks for the pointers.