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    With current RPi and Libreelec setups do most people just use the SD for boot/system/storage - or is still recommend to also include a USB key to put storage on?

    I remember years ago it was recommended to use a USB so the system on the SD could be blown away easily without impacting the environment (I think that was the story)

    But now with larger, faster SD cards I was about to rebuild a RPi and was probably going to get rid of the USB key.

    What's the current recommendations with SD and USB keys?

    (My video files are on a network share)


    I get the same error on Version devel-20170824 generic.

    Where's the file meant to be?

    EDIT: on the 20170824 system I found:

    /usr/lib/ (** Link to /usr/lib/
    /usr/lib/ (** Link to /usr/lib/

    On an old 20170530 system I find:

    /usr/lib/ (** Link to /usr/lib/


    /usr/lib/ (** Link to /usr/lib/

    It looks like 20170824 is missing the link ??


    I'm running LibreELEC on a RPi in a excercise area and I turn the RPi off each time between sessions.

    Is there a config setting to have LibreELEC start back up in the menu/screen area it was when it was turned off rather than back to the home screen?

    eg. if I was in a episode list of a TV Show, to start back up in the same list - or at least in the TV Shows section.

    I don't know if this is something with the mame2014 engine, or how it's been configured under the Community Extended build, but I cannot figure out:

    1) saving of high scores

    2) saving game states (says Core does not support state saves)

    3) Enabling cheats

    This is all for traditional Arcade based games (Galaxian, Donkey Kong, etc).

    Anyone got any pointers? This is running on a x64 platform.


    Found it. To have the Retroarch and core info displayed in the lower-left corner there is an advanced setting to enable.

    To display the version number on the Retroarch Menu follow the following menu configurations:

    1. Settings
    2. User Interface
    3. Show Advanced Settings: ON
    4. Menu
    5. Display core name: ON

    How do you determine the Retroarch version installed with LibreELEC Community Edition?

    When I go into RetroArch no version info is displayed in the lower-left corner. Not sure if this is a config item, but I can't get it to display.

    I'm trying to compare 2 different LibreELEC installs (1xCommunity, 1x with RetroArch 1.5.0 installed) and wanted to confirm the verison.


    The skin sounds were changed to the scroll sound from the default ES theme (simple-dark). You can't actually change them due to the read-only nature of LE, but you could copy the estuary theme from /usr/share/kodi/addons to /storage/.kodi/addons and replace the sounds there.

    New build 20170528 has been uploaded that fixes the cherry trail / tronsmart x5 plus pcm issue (updated alsa-lib).


    In the end I grabbed the original sounds from xbmc/addons/resource.uisounds.kodi at master · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub and put them in /storage/.kodi/addons and then enabled them via the addons menu.

    Thanks for the pointers.

    Are the Kodi GUI sounds on LibreELEC Community meant to be different from vanilla LE?

    I've noticed on both a RPi and Generic (X64) build that the GUI Sounds are different under a LibreELEC build.

    Is this the audio drivers, or have the skin sounds been updated?

    Either way, is there a way to use the original GUI sounds?


    With the latest LibreELEC builds I can pair a wiimote with a Raspberry Pi 3 (with builtin bluetooth) to control the LibreELEC menus.

    I want to extend this to use with Retroarch (which has been installed by the GameStarter addon).

    All the tutorials talk about installing wminput via apt-get - which is not available with LibreELEC.

    Has anyone played around with getting a wiimote (and attached classic controller) working on LibreELEC RPi for Retroarch ?


    Has anyone looked at adding the "Emulators" menu item to the Confluence skin that can be retrofitted on Kodi 17?

    I'm not a big fan of Estuary and have switched most of my LibreELEC V8 systems back to Confluence - but I can't see how to use Confluence to launch EmulationStation on the Community build.
    (I'm on a generic x86_64 build)


    Been playing around with GameStarter on a RPi and trying to get the Arcade Overlay Bezels for Mame2003 to work.

    Most of the tutorials are for a RetroPie default installation.

    What I found was I needed to modify the files to point to where I installed that Overlays and Shaders.

    But, more importantly, I had to update gamestarter.start to call in the additional file.

    I modified line 96:
    from: $DIR/resources/bin/retroarch -c $CONFIG_FILE -L $LIBRETRO_DIR/$ "$2" &> $LOG_FILE_RA
    to: $DIR/resources/bin/retroarch -c $CONFIG_FILE --appendconfig "$2.cfg" -L $LIBRETRO_DIR/$ "$2" &> $LOG_FILE_RA

    I also updated RetroArch config so that the config file is not saved on RetroArch exit.

    This works for me, and loads the additional config file to add in the shader and overlay info.

    I'd like to know if this modification is really necessary - or have I missed something?


    Finally figured out my buzzing noise problem on Retroarch under GameStarter.

    I had to set "Vertical Refresh Rate" to 50 Hz in Retroarch Video settings.

    Retropie had an additional retroarch.cfg file in /dev/shm that appended video_refresh_rate = 50

    Sound all working now.

    Yes, had tried a clean LibreELEC - but had also done RetroArch update after the install. I'll try another fresh LibreELEC install with just Gamestarter and see what happens.

    Just tried a fresh rebuild of LibreELEC from here LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-8.0.1.img.gz on to my Raspberry Pi Model 3

    Installed Gamestarter V2.8 add-on and copied MAME 0.78 ROMs (reference set) over.

    Still have a background 'hiss' on some games such a and

    I can't figure out the difference between this build and the RetroPie build for running these ROMs under Retroarch.

    I just tried a build of RetroPie and it plays the ROMs with no sound problems.

    I thought both RetroPie and Gamestarter/Retroarch all use the lr-mame2003 emulator, so I'm not sure why they produce different results with the sound.

    Does anyone have a good set of settings, or a debug guide for getting good sound on a RPi3 using Gamestarter to launch Retorarch Mame games?

    I've got sound working on most games, but for some there's strong static or hiss along with the sound effects (eg. Donkey Kong, Defender).

    I'm using mame2003 via Retroarch and using mame 0.78 ROMs.

    I'm connected via HDMI and have also tried a couple of ROMs.

    Is there a particular setting (audio driver?) that provides best sound on a RPi 3 via HDMI ?

    I'm just lost where to start. Most of my searching finds hits for sound not working at all. I just have some games with annoying background noise that shouldn't be there.


    Did you download the right addon version for your SO?
    Retroarch, emulationstation and advancedlanuncher files are in /storage/.config/ check if they are there...
    In the next release I will include a log file to debug, you can check it out:

    I used

    I just checked /storage/.config and the directories and files appear to be there. (Though there mainly config files)

    I'll look at your 2.1.1 version to see if the logfile gives any hints. Where will it write the logfile to?


    Edit: oops, the 2.1.1 URL got a 404 error.