Gamestarter: Retrogaming add-ons (RPi/Generic)

  • Thanks but I already have both RPi and Gen RA 1.7.4 binaries compiled, I use Lakka project to compile using LE toolchain so it needs no additional libs, just the ones missing in LE9, lakka is still based in LE8.

    When I can get some free minutes I will upload the updated pre-release to test

  • EmulationStation is something I dont control... I just grabbed an old version binaries from Escalades custom build and it used to work, but it is something I dont use so I cant tell you if it is compatible with LE9.

  • That was the old way, now I extract them from LE image using 7zip.

    OK, but then you have to know exactly which sub-version of LE includes those exact libs. I think it's easier to find them for Ubuntu. Or, compiling them with the right version's source.
    Of course, there's the hassle with renaming each lib, since RA looks for the major version and on Linux the major versions are just links to the minor versions.

  • RetroArch 1.7.5 released!

    I just compiled new RA binaries for both RPi and Gen and I uploaded them to github, you can download the one you need and replace it in Gamestarter's RetroArch addon folder. I assume it will work but I didn't test it yet, that is why I didn't update RA addon by now :P

  • Hello! I have been using Emulation Station and Retroarch on a pi3 for a couple months and love it. I have been using ES with no trouble to play nes, snes, psx, neogeo n64, tg16, etc.but for some reason I cannot get ES to load any PSP games. It shows all the roms and box pics (in ES) but when I click a game it just reloads the menu as if the correct core is not loading from RA. I have PPSSPP set as my psp emulator and all the games boot and run fine if I play them in RA so I assume the PPSSPP core is installed and working properly in RA. Also thank you for all your hard work brother and I am a complete noob also so apologies in advance.

  • We need to take a look to the logs... Maybe, it is trying to load PPSSPP standalone emulator, did you check that libretro core is selected in ES addon settings?

  • Hello and thank you so much for the speedy response! I hate to even ask but I have spent about 2 hours this morning searching for my es_systems.cfg and cant find any trace of it manually or searching for the file with filezilla via ftp could you please give me a clue as to where it is? The linuxish file structure is completely alien to me and a ton of google searches hasnt done much but make me believe I am searching for a hidden folder maybe? I have always just used the ES addon setting in kodi menus and there my PSP emulator is set to "PPSSPP" which matches the name of the core i use in RA. I also have searched google with no luck on how to find my ES logs. But I cant even find my .emulationstation folder at all so Im sure its probably there huh? Thanks again and sorry for my lack of knowledge I tried my best to figure these things out but I am just not able to. I am using your add ons, Kodi, Libreelec, Pi3 with 3tb hdd storage but all programs run from sd card. Thank you so much again I hate to waist your time.

  • Thank you for the advice Mario77 but no luck yet, here are my logs again including the RA log. I played a couple games from other systems first and then try a handful of psp games, on the ES log its doesnt look like much is happening when i try a psp game in comparison to other systems. Thank you again for all the help.

  • important log files are: emulationstation_debug.log and retroarch_debug.log

    Also I can remember someone had similar errors due to lack of memory... PSP is a hard core so maybe running over ES fails due to low Pi memory... this is why running it directly from retroarch it works...