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    I see, thanks a lot. Also thx for not overwriting the config file.

    Will future core-updates be handled via kodi ("download core package in retroarch settings") or will it be possible to update within retroarch itself? Trying to update or download cores right now just gives me visual glitches and forces me to restart.

    If you use retroarch online updater to update cores you will get generic linux versions of them that are not optimized for RPi4... there is no repo for such update, thats why I included the core update in the addon settings, there you download the whole core pack from latest Lakka release for each device (RPi2, RPi4 and Generic).

    Thx for the new update on Retroarch. Just a heads-up: For me it didn´t switch to ozone as a default after upgrading. Doing so manually did work, but starting any game or basically accessing any menu in ozone causes retroarch to crash. Had to switch back to xmb via the config file.

    RPI4/Libreelec. 9.2.1/Kodi 18.6

    If you update from a previous version the retroarch config file will not be updated to avoid custom config overwrite, so you have to swith to ozone manually but before doing so, you must update assets using retroarch online updater. That way it shouldn't crash.

    Also, there is a fix to solve LOCALE issue in emulationstation but just in Generic and RPi2/3, I can not make work ES in my RPi4.

    try increasing internal grabber's width/height from 64 to 512.

    I spent some time trying this again... results in my RPI4 2Gb LE 9.2.1 with a 1080 Samsung TV:

    Using external grabber (this is the workaround I am using since I get my RPi4):

    - hyperion works OK with all videos both local files and streaming ones, from all available platforms (youtube, netflix, amazon, hbo...).

    Switching my hyperion.config file to "normal"/internal grabber (best hyperion performance and colours accuracy):

    - hyperion works OK with all local files.

    - most streaming platforms work OK: youtube, vimeo, hbo, amazon.

    - Netflix is still a pain in the ass... when I play ANY video file the screen goes black and "No input signal" appears in my TV. If I stop the file the screens comes back. I tried changing some parameters in hyperion.config file as @HiassofT suggested, so if I change internal grabber's width/height from 64 to 256 and I try to play any netflix file, hyperion seems to work OK but when UI graphics are displayed (progress bar, notificacions, subtitles...) screen starts to flash (like in the video I posted some weeks ago). I tried increasing those values to 512 and it seems to work OK even using subtitles and when any UI element is present.

    So my doubts are the following:

    - What perfomance impact will have this increase in hyperion.config file for my RPi?

    - Will any overclock setting will help to decrease those values a bit? (here is my config.txt)

    If any log or kodi/libreelec settings are needed I will post them.


    The forbidden folder I mean in my Ubuntu VM, folder /media/root I can't access, and everytime I try "sudo udevil mount /dev/loop2p1" or "sudo udevil mount /dev/loop2p2" the output says that is mounted at /media/root/LAKKA or /media/root/LAKKA_DISK.

    If I try "sudo udevil --mount /media/LAKKA/SYSTEM" -> udevil: error 40: can not stat in /media/LAKKA/SYSTEM: No such file or directory

    Also I tried "sudo udevil --mount /media/root/LAKKA/SYSTEM" and I get this output "Mounted /media/root/LAKKA/SYSTEM at /media/root/SYSTEM"... always is the .../root/... folder in the path so i can browse it...

    Is Advanced Emulator Launcher still supposed to be working on Rpi2 with LE9.2.0.....doesn't look like its launching my roms...didn't change any settings....just updated LE..

    did you update core package using latest lakka one? did you try with several emualtors? I know that some cores have change its name and that change must be applied in AEL category XML, for example mame2003 now is called mame2003_plus (but this one is not working properly and it is best to use mame2010 what runs very well). I need to dedicate some time to see which ones have change to edit AEL XML files, but if you have your own lists created I am afraid you will have to edit them manually... (or rename the cores...)

    You’ll want to mount the first partition, so loop2p1, not loop2.

    Yes, I can mount first partition using "sudo udevil mount /dev/loop2p1" and I get this output: Mounted /dev/loop2p1 at /media/root/LAKKA

    Also I can mount the second one "sudo udevil mount /dev/loop2p2" and I get this one: Mounted /dev/loop2p2 at /media/root/LAKKA_DISK

    What I can not get is how to browse "/media/root/..." since it is a forbidden folder...

    Also I don't understand this step (or what path I should I use):

    "udevil —mount /media/LIBREELEC/SYSTEM"

    UPDATE: another issue I see is what I need is to browse or unzip "SYSTEM" file that is in the fat32 partition... I tried a couple of windows apps to browse linux drives and always get stuck when trying to "enter" SYSTEM file, that is inside 0.fat if I unzip the image. When I try to do the same with the Lakka image for Generic devices I can extract that "SYSTEM" file and browse inside it, the problem is with Raspberry images.... Si I guess if I can mount and browse any of the partitions, maybe that "SYSTEM" file is not available, since Lakka need an installation first boot to expand and get all files as it needs... this is just my guess...

    sorry for my noobness 8o

    I assumed you were doing it on an LE system, udevil might be set up differently. Use «losetup -l» to see which loop device you should use. You can use mount manually as well, dont be scared of the manpages 😜

    this is the output of "losetup -l"


    /dev/loop1 0 0 1 1 /var/lib/snapd/snaps/core_7270.snap 0 512

    /dev/loop2 0 0 0 0 /home/ubuntu/lakka.img 0 512

    /dev/loop0 0 0 1 1 /var/lib/snapd/snaps/core_8268.snap 0 512

    If I try "sudo udevil mount /dev/loop2" -> udevil: error 63: no media in device /dev/loop2 (or specify type with -t)

    I tried looking into manpage but it is like reading chinese to me...

    did you get it using linux? I followed some mount tutoriasl for extracting raspbian files but I never get working with lakka image...


    Decompress with gunzip, then «losetup -Pf file.img» then «udevil —mount /dev/loop1p1» to mount the flash partition, then «udevil —mount /media/LIBREELEC/SYSTEM».

    Hi Master Escalade!! Your coding knowledge is always welcome.

    I download RPI2 lakka image and unzip it with 7z (Generic image can be totally extracted with 7zip so I can get binaries but RPi2 always fails...)

    I run my Ubuntu VM and I ccopy my lakka.img from windows host to ubuntu guest.

    Then I ssh sudo "losetup -Pf lakka.img" -> OK

    After that I install udevil and then "udevil —mount /dev/loop1p1" -> udevil: error 40: cannot stat in /dev/loop1p1: No such file or directory

    I browse to /dev folder and I see there is no loop1p1, but loop1 to loop7 and loop2p1 and loop2p2 so I use one of these: "sudo udevil mount /dev/loop2p2" -> Mounted /dev/loop2p2 at /media/root/LAKKA_DISK

    Then "udevil —mount /media/LIBREELEC/SYSTEM" -> udevil: error 40: cannot stat in /media/LIBREELEC/SYSTEM: No such file or directory

    The I try several noob options like creating manually that folder, changing mounting path to the one from the previous output... but I am stuck at that point... what have I missed?

    Thanks again for your help and patience...

    Yesterday I switched to my original hyperion config file (default internal grabber) to watch a movie from my HDD (it is more stable and colours are more accurate), everything OK. After that I tried a movie from HBO addon (using inputstream.adaptive also) and hyperio worked like a charm, just like watching a movie from my HDD. Then I tried a Netflix movie, crossed my fingers... but no luck... black screen, flashes... Then I switched back to my other config file, the one using external USB grabber and it worked again...

    So, this means it is not a inputstream.adaptive related issue but related with Netflix addon itself, right?

    Since I updated to RPi4 now I have no RPi2. The problem is that if I want to update lakka cores in gamestarter repo I burn lakka image in an spare SD card and get all cores via ftp. I can still do that for RPi4 and for Generic (Using VM) but I can't do it for RPi2 anymore.

    So here is my question, how can I grab core binaries from lakka image for RPi2 without a RPi2??

    I tried extracting files from image file using 7zip but I get some corruption errors...

    I tried mounting SD card in a Linux VM but no luck...

    I tried to mount image file in Linux VM but no luck...

    I tried to compile Lakka 2.3.2 in Linux VM but I get some errors and It needs about 60Gb of free storage and a full day to compile...

    Any suggestions?


    Finally I could compile lakka 2.3.2 for Rpi2 so I get updated cores to push to gamestarter repo, but any suggestions are welcome for next times.

    Now I'm trying to compile RA 1.8.4 but it seems there are some changes I need to fix in, it can take a very long time...

    OK, it is weird, maybe is is some setting I have related with UI, onscreen display or similar, anyways but will wait for a future update and in the meanwhile I am using external grabber, and since I limited inputstream using a bandwith max value everything everything plays smoothly.

    You don't need to install/update anything in order this fix to work, it is just something I renamed in core package. Please before using IARL try to launch retroatch addon and load a rom, if it works then we know the issue is with IARL config, and it is not related to retroarch itself.

    I discovered what this issue is, I am working on it... in the meanwhile you can still do "download lakka package" and then manually rename core folder inside "kodi/userdata/addon_data/game.retroarch". The issue is that downloaded core folder doesn't have the name "cores" but "libretro-cores-RPI*" so retroarch does not find them... Also you can edit retroarch paths to look for that new folder...

    As soon as I can I will push an update.

    EDIT: it should work now, with latest release, no need to update addon, just re-download cores from addon settings.