• Hello I pulled the device tree from my mut@nt inferno box before bricking it by flashing custom rom on this, I cant find official firmware anywhere of this box but I want to try LibreElec with my box but I cant find the device tree of my box in the list, can someone tell me how I can create my own device tree with these files? And if its enough to create a device tree for libreeelec.

    Thanks in advance for reading my message! Please ping/message me if you need more info.

  • If you flashed a bad ROM to the box breaking u-boot, LE isn't going to boot on the device. If you didn't break u-boot, you can see if any of the "meson-sm1" device-tree files work with the AMLGX "box" image. You can create your own device tree by copying the relevant bits from existing ones in the kernel to create a new one, and then either compiling the kernel or exporting a patch to the LE buildsystem to include it with an image. If that all sounds like rocket-science; stick to looking for Android ROM images (which is not anything we can help with).

  • I tried it with the "meson-sm1-x96-air.dtb" and it boots fine, how do I do "copying the relevant bits from existing ones in the kernel" this? Is there any guide? The reason I want to create my own devicetree is because the device shows "boot" on the mini LED screen even though its already booted into LibreElec, but the biggest reason I want my own is because my remote control does not work anymore which really sucks.

    Thanks for your reply chewitt!

  • IR remote does not require device-tree changes:…ration-advanced…oot/dts/amlogic <= The only device with VFD support in LE at the current time is the Tanix TX3. You'll find the commits that add that VFD support in the same amlogic-6.9.y branch. You will also find examples of me adding new device-tree files (e.g. p271 board) in that branch; creating a new .dts file is mostly a copy/paste exercise, then use "git format-patch" to export diff patches to the LE build-system and build your own AMLGX image that includes the Linux kernel patch(es) using these instructions: . I wouldn't guarantee the VFD config for the TX3 will be the same as your no-name box, but there is documentation for the driver among the commits too.

    IMHO, if the x96-air device-tree works, just use that and if the BOOT text bothers you put black electrical tape over the VFD. It will save you a large amount of time and effort.

  • Hello! I realized I didn't even need to use my AMLOGIC box because I have a smart tv and I can install various apps on it over adb because it has an Android TV OS on it! Sorry to have bothered you, I hope someone else might need this guide you've given me so far! I definitely learned something here!