OVA on VMWare Workstation 17 Pro

  • Hi,

    i'm tring to install a VM in VMWare Workstation Pro 17.5 using ova 11.0.6, the VM start but remains freezed displaing "LibreELEC (official): 11.0.6 "

    Can help me please?


  • In 99% of "stuck on boot screen" reports the OS/system is running and can be accessed via SSH. In the case of a VM that won't be simple as the SSH daemon is not enabled by default and you'd need to mount the VM disk from another Linux VM to access the boot partition and edit syslinux.cfg to force it on by adding "ssh" to kernel boot params. However the Samba server should be running so if you find/access the "Logfiles" share the OS will generate a zip file with logs. If you share that file here we can see the boot log and that might give some clues on what's not working. It's most likely an issue with graphics drivers, as no GPU = no GBM surface for Kodi to render a GUI onto, but we'd need to see error messages to understand the problem.

    NB: The OVA exists solely to support internal development/testing and sometimes gets broken and isn't updated/fixed until the next time someone on staff needs it to work again. In short, it's not something we formally support or spend much time on.