service.libreelec.settings should respect locksettings

  • It would be nice if service.libreelec.settings could respect <locksettings>1</locksettings> in profiles.xml.
    I.e. showing the pin window if one tries to start the LE settings addon.

    Having a curious nine-year-old trying out every settings option on his own rpi2 with OE (atm, soon will be LE) on it, and me having to sort out all the mess he made later isn't THAT much fun. ;)

    ATM as a workaround I manually added "service.libreelec.settings" to the disabled table in the AddonsXX.db in his profile, but it doesn't "look nice" if nothing happens when trying to select a menu item.
    And if you really want to change something you have to manually reenable it, wich is very uncomfortable.

    Good luck with your new project!
    Who designed the LE logo? :cool:
    It looks really really nice and professional, even more compared to the ugly OE logo. :sick:

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    I guess that's the reason kodi provides the option to use different profiles for 'special' users ;)

    If you create a profile (lets name it 'Kids') and enabling the 'master lock' you are able to specify which menu point is reachable and which not...

    See here:

    Other benefit is, that you are able to specify which content is available for the kids. As different profiles can have different libraries.

    So I would give it a shot.


  • Thanks for your advice, David, but in fact, I'm using profiles already. I should have mentioned that, sorry. :(

    And yes, everything is working fine and as expected ... except one thing:
    Even if you select "all" for "lock settings" in "lock preferences", the restricted user ist still able to select "LibreELEC" under "system" and therefore is able to change LibreELEC settings.
    As the "deactivate" button for "service.libreelec.settings" is greyed-out, your only chance is to "hack" AddonXX.db, as I mentioned.

    I can live with that, but imho it's not "nice". It's a hack and not very elegant.

  • As an alternative workaround for now you could use a different skin in the kid's profile and hide settings in that skin. Set a button or favourite to switch back to your (master?) profile.
    Or leave the settings button where it is but rather than opening settings link it to a 'Don't even think about it!' notification. ;)