Configure default network route

  • Hi,

    I setup three VLANs on Libreelec 11.0.3

    Can anybody tell how I can control which network interface becomes the default route?



  • What do you mean? To the Internet?

    If the gateway on eth0.1 them it will be the default route.

    Mind if I ask you why are you using LibreElec as a router? It doesn't make a lot of sense as far network security and performance are concerned. Also, LibreElec raison d'être is it being purpose built to do media play stuff only. If you need more than that maybe other Linux distro will serve you better?

  • w46n3r : No libreelec is not a router. But I give it direct access to an internal vlan and a separate vlan for internet connection (this is rather a workaround for a router limitation).

    But where is it defined that eth0.1 is the default route to the internet? I recently had internet not working until I brought eth0.7 down, probably eth0.7 was configured as default route. Is it the first network which gets configured? In this case I would need to introduce an ordering dependency into the eth*.service files.

  • There is no "make default" command or "set as default" that you can put into ConnMan service files. You can however use connmanctl to change the service order, moving a service up or down the order. I'm not sure if the first configured gets the route or there's other black-box magic involved. You might want to email the ConnMan mailing list to get answers on that kind of question.