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    Nope sorry only ethernet

    And for now I'm still using Coreelec 9, as LE11 don't shut off, using LE 11 as test

    LE12 power off works now for me (e.g. LibreELEC-AMLGX.arm-12.0-nightly-20231130-0d2323e-box.img.gz) and wifi as long as the router has FT disabled as well.

    An issue I see with LE12: If I scroll in a stream (e.g. ARD Mediathek), the player freezes immediately and sound stops somewhat later. But maybe that is also a settings issue, I just used the default config, I just configured wifi.

    w46n3r : No libreelec is not a router. But I give it direct access to an internal vlan and a separate vlan for internet connection (this is rather a workaround for a router limitation).

    But where is it defined that eth0.1 is the default route to the internet? I recently had internet not working until I brought eth0.7 down, probably eth0.7 was configured as default route. Is it the first network which gets configured? In this case I would need to introduce an ordering dependency into the eth*.service files.


    I setup three VLANs on Libreelec 11.0.3

    Can anybody tell how I can control which network interface becomes the default route?



    Many thanks for the explanation.

    I already configured the wireless regdomain in the LE settings add-on, but channel 1 did not work.

    Now I just booted the system again, confirmed that the wireless regdomain is set and I saw channel 1 w/o any issues.

    I still experience the invalid-key issue reported in though.

    [...] NB: I'm not sure what advantage you're expecting with aarch64, but it's not going to noticeably improve anything and you will have to reinstall or remove binary add-ons) as they are not aarch64 compatible; and there will be no replacement binary add-ons in the repo as there are no ARM aarch64 releases for LE11 so the add-ons weren't built/don't exist. [...]

    I was not sure what the right architecture is and I found quite a few references to aarch64, therefore I build for aarch64. I saw no obvious glitches or issues with it in my very basic tests. But honestly they were limited to the wifi invalid-key issue, I did not even attempt to play any content.

    Do I understand you correctly that ARCH=arm is used for the nightly builds and the LE11 releases?

    The kernel patchset is ridiculously large but will reduce if I ever find the enthusiasm to rebase it on a newer kernel. I have no plans to do that in the near-term future though.

    I think that after you completed the Ironman your enthusiasm for everything will dramatically increase even further :D

    I tried…06-cubox.img.gz on a cubox-i.

    Initially everything went fine, I downloaded a plugin (ARD aktuell) and played the latest Tagesschau stream. It started to play well, but after moving forth and back in the stream, kodi hang very soon (not the system itself, could still ssh into it).

    I thought I paste the output of dmesg, which reports warnings and bugs, just in case it is useful for anybody.



    [Moderator edit: Log file moved from insecure link to attachment.]


    iwd: update to 2.6 · LibreELEC/
    log: -


    connman: update to 24180d1 (1.41+/2022-04-11) · LibreELEC/
    log: -

    be enough to apply on LE11?


    PROJECT=Amlogic DEVICE=AMLGX ARCH=aarch64 UBOOT_SYSTEM=box make image

    the right build command?

    I just saw the list of kernel patches for Amlogic. The three digits list is very impressive. That a significant part contains FROMGIT-6.2 or FROMGIT-6.3 gives some hope, that eventually that gets more managable. But there are still many patches remaining. Thanks for all the effort you put into extending the life these devices.

    Thanks for your reply and enjoy the Ironman triathlon :D

    I am most interested in the wifi updates mentioned here

    [BUG] Invalid-key while connecting to wifi - LE11 · Issue #7166 · LibreELEC/
    Describe the bug Hello :) Since upgrading to LireElec 10 (10.0.3) the wifi is really unstable. Every now and then, LibreElec will forget the wifi password and…

    Will they also be added to LE11 eventually? Or is it more likely to see Amlogic in LE12 again?

    That's more complex than I thought or I don't know enough to understand it:

    • Both drivers are under the GPL.
    • The Debian driver has these items in modinfo
      • version: v4.1.4_6773.20130222 (entry is missing in kernel 6.1)
      • author: Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
      • description: Realtek Wireless Lan Driver
      • license: GPL
      • staging: Y
      • retpoline: Y
      • intree: Y
      • name: r8188eu
    • The libreelec driver has these items in modinfo
      • license: GPL
      • description: RTL8XXXu USB mac80211 Wireless LAN Driver
      • author: Jes Sorensen <[email protected]>
      • intree: Y
      • name: rtl8xxxu

    What I don't understand:

    • Both drivers are GPL, why are there two drivers and what is the benefit of the rtl8xxxu driver?
    • According to modinfo and the Debian kernel package, the Debian module is from staging:
      rd@h370:/lib/modules/5.10.0-21-amd64$ find -name r8188eu.ko

      rd@h370:/lib/modules/5.10.0-21-amd64$ dpkg -S /lib/modules/5.10.0-21-amd64/kernel/drivers/staging/rtl8188eu/r8188eu.ko
      linux-image-5.10.0-21-amd64: /lib/modules/5.10.0-21-amd64/kernel/drivers/staging/rtl8188eu/r8188eu.ko

      This rather seems to be that Debian is enabling staging whereas libreelec has just the intree module, correct?

    Interesting, do I get that right that there are two drivers in staging for this USB adapter? A working one from Realtek and a non-working one from Jes Sorensen <[email protected]> ?

    Debian testing (bookworm, upcoming Debian 12) ships a working driver with kernel 6.1: