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    Many thanks, lrusak

    kmscube works without any issue, colors look ok, nothing similar to the colors when playing videos.

    I just double checked (since I upgraded to a newer libreelec build) that the orignal color issue is still there (best illustrated with the video linked in the post from classicCuboxiuser above). I do not believe that it is a performance issue, since there seems to be no dependence on the resolution of the video.

    Do you have any other ideas on either how to repro and analyse the issue with standard tools or debug it?



    Many thanks. Indeed

    fixes it (until it is resolved by upstream). Since I am not familiar with libreelec's build system, can anybody confirm that this is the right way to do this or tell what should be done differently?



    I tried to build kmscube but the build fails with a duplicate definition of the symbol gl. I probably miss something, but I have no idea what.

    Output of objdump for the two object files:

    Please let me know if anything further information is needed.




    I am trying to enable a virtual terminal on a libreelec master image (PROJECT=NXP DEVICE=iMX6 ARCH=arm UBOOT_SYSTEM=cubox-q make image).

    ALT+CTRL+F3 does not work.

    The kernel seems to provide tty0..63.

    But I neither find a getty systemd service not a getty binary.

    Can anybody tell how to get this done?




    I wanted to add the kmscube package to my image by


    but that does not seem to have an effect :-/

    Can anybody tell how I can do that?



    Does anybody know if it is possible to run a simple testcase, which demonstrates the problem?

    E..g. can I start libreelec in console mode and is there a standard player which is well known by the mesa community, which illustrates the problem?

    Maybe that could be a path to get more mesa knowledge involved (since this community does most likely not know all the kodi details).



    Hi thundy

    It doesn't look like rdorsch is still following the forum :(

    lrusak  chewitt , do you have more infos on your side ?

    Thank you

    many thanks for performing the tests.

    Sorry, but I hoped that I get a notification if there are posts on the thread.

    I recently built libreelec from master again, since I saw the imx6 patches mainly from lrusak have been merged.

    It is a lot more stable now, we even used it for a few hours with different movies :-)

    But the blocker with the colors is still there, so I went back to an old kodi release.

    I dislike somewhat applying patches blindly. I think it would be good if someone with decent mesa understanding would at least be involved. Not sure if that is possible though.

    Additional information from lrusak at IRC:

    [22:39] <lrusak> most likely some YUV path not working in mesa

    [22:42] <lrusak> rdorsch, ^^


    [22:53] <lrusak> src/gallium/drivers/etnaviv/etnaviv_format.c · master · Mesa / mesa · GitLab

    [22:55] <lrusak> [Mesa-dev] [PATCH 0/9] Etnaviv direct YUV support

    [22:55] <lrusak> [Mesa-dev] [PATCH 0/6] Add support for NV12

    [22:56] <lrusak> I think with those two patch sets it would work much better

    Thanks, Lukas

    I found the setting in

    settings -> player -> media playback -> video -> PRIME render method

    and put it to EGL as you recommended. Then I had to change the audio device in system settings, the default used spif instead of HDMI and enabled passthrough.

    After that it worked amazingly well.

    I saw two issues

    • the coloring of the videos was wrong. They have been almost black and white, but some colors were mixed in, sometimes they seem to look unrelated to the video.
    • I can always play a video once then it does not start anymore

    Full log is here.

    How is this related to the 1080p50 mentioned in #kodi ?

    [22:10] <TeamKodi> [unknown] decoder is rated for 1080p30 only (we nearly got 1080p50 going)

    [22:10] <TeamKodi> [unknown] for etnaviv + coda it's in a very good shape. dma_buf import works (for egl) or even direct yuv scanout

    [22:11] <TeamKodi> [unknown] why no one works on it anymore: it's just 1080p capable

    [22:12] <TeamKodi> [unknown] it should be in quite good shape though with v4l2 decoder

    [22:14] <TeamKodi> [unknown] And: no one has time anymore ;)

    And how do I use egl rendering? Are the 15 fps for 1080p will it increase for 720p or get even worse?