libreelec cannot powerdown from proxmox control pannel

  • Hi

    I install libreelec on a proxmox. It works great, I even have passthrough the IGD.

    But I found oOther virtual machines can be shut down from the console, libreelec cannot.


    TASK ERROR: VM quit/powerdown failed - got timeout

    Are there any necessary components I should install?


  • Hi C.Azrael - the problem is, that after pressing "shutdown" in Proxmox, the libreelec standby/shutdown menu

    is shown on your Display - if you confirm the shutdown by clicking "shutdown" in the menu, it succeeds in Proxmox.

    There is not much you can do about this.

    The qemu-guest-agent package does not exist for libreelec but could have helped here - as it signals the shutdown command directly to the VM.

    So just remember to turn off your VM through ssh with poweroff.

    Of course, rebooting libreelec from proxmox does not work either and only shows the Power Options Menu.

  • Power off via systemd-logind can be configured in /storage/.config/logind.conf.d

    This will only work on Generic Legacy where kodi doesn't grab the input device. On Gerneric with Kodi GBM logind won't see the power button as kodi has grabbed the input devices.

    Currently the best way to do it (which will work on all variants) is to create a simple /storage/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/keyboard.xml file with the following content:


    BTW: I've changed the PR I've linked and it won't fix that issue because it turned out to be very tricky - the change (and the keymap above) also affects USB / BT / Wireless / ... remotes that kodi sees as "keyboards" and thus kodi would shut down immediately if you (accidentally) hit the power button on such remotes (which can happen quite easily and may be fatal as often it's not possible to power up the PC / RPi / other devices via the remote again).

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  • Next try, I found a rather easy way to fix this at least on GBM (i.e. all devices except Generic Legacy/X11)

    kodi: change remote power button behaviour to show the shutdown menu by HiassofT · Pull Request #8161 · LibreELEC/
    Kodi's default power button handling is OK for typical HTPCs with window systems but it's the exact opposite of what users (and I) expect from a mediacenter…

    Solution: let logind handle the system/case power buttons (performing a shutdown) and let kodi handle all other input devices which might have a power button on them as well (and show the shutdown menu).

    so long,