Tinkerboard S broken after update.

  • Dropped LibreELEC-RK3288.arm-12.0-nightly-20230902-5ff79d1-tinker on my working Tinkerboard S (running LibreELEC-RK3288.arm-12.0-nightly-20230901-8bfd54e-tinker) and rebooted it, now it wont boot past the Kodi logo, it shows the logo 1 sec and goes black for 5-10 sec, then logo on for a sec, and on and on...

    Removing power and plugging it in again dont help. No logs since it wont boot.

  • Add "textmode" to boot params and the board should boot to a local console instead of starting Kodi, and you can connect a USB keyboard to poke around and see if there are any interesting errors. You won't be able to start Kodi, but it will maybe help to prove/isolate whether the issue happens before or after Kodi start. I'd guess during/after.. but let's see.