[8.0.2c] LibreELEC 8.0 builds for KI Plus / KII Pro / KI Pro

  • now i answer myself, i hope everyone can help with this following issues (after sleeping now 5 hours experinces,,,):

    --------i have a complete great working box "KII Pro", i need to clone this box 1:1------

    on the box works 8.0.2c-I

    i download LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.0-8.0.2c-I.img.gz

    put it on my SD card (rufus) , download gxbb_p200_k2_pro.dtb and replace it to dtb.img

    libreelec starts, checking/resize storage and reboot, kodi picture starts, the screen goes black and the box shut down (green LED goes Red)

    i can start the box new, libreelec/kodi comes, (only the kodi 17.3 Picture) but the box goes shutdown!

    When i start this SD card on my working kodi box, a new Kodi starts! with default settings!

    Ok, the box is damaged? I have more then one, new Box packed out and start again! The same one, libreelec starts, kodi pictures start, black screen, box goes shutdown itself.

    Ok, i see from @sinancetinkaya the Image


    i burn it on SD, put right dtb on the SD....starts again on a new Box, that Kodi works! but i cannot use my old settings from 8.0.2c-I, something dont works, and i see i dont have a Lan Port, only WLAN works. I must have LAN. Anyone have a Idea why only WLAN works on this Version?

    i have tested a Version wirth 8.9-k, works too, but Kodi 18, and then i must do complete new all addons.

    Can anyone help me with my issues?


    i found my failure! I have KII Box with S905D inside!!!

    i will test now S905D Images

    See pics

    I have to create new dtb.img for you.

    Pls, send me from android dtb.img. Boot LE from SD card , connect via ssh and submit command dd if=/dev/dtb bs=256k count=1 of=/storage/backup/KII_proD.dtb

    Send me file from /storage/backup or Samba share \\<box-ip-address>\Backup.

  • franky644 Are you sure this is a device tree from K2 Pro that has Android on internal memory? This looks 100% like K1 Pro device tree for LE.

    your´re right, thats LE, now i understand what afl1 need, sorry, i´m new !

    I must read how can i emable ssh on android, then comes the dtb, im must now to my work

  • If you run LE from SD card or USB drive, the command that afl1 gave you will create a backup of Android dtb. You should have Android on internal memory to create this backup.

  • i´m now not at home, i will have a look tomorrow in the morning. on my table 3 boxes at the moment, one have LE internal.

    I will test tomorrow with a complete new box, start with toothpick LE from SD, the go with ssh and put the command.

    thats right!?

  • äi will check it, thx a lot!

    after reading the specs on alibaba/aliexpress/ etc pp, i dont check the real differences from Ki plus/pro and new Kii pro

    The most difference i think is DDR III and DDRIV RAM, right? i will check of new KII have a 100 or 1000 LAN

    I search for new buying the best for our Experience with DVB included (please with DVB-C)

  • humm the LAN Speed ist 100....

    [ [email protected]] libphy: stmmac-0:08 - Link is Up - 100/Full

    the first check say all is ok, i can boot a normal Image. @ AFL great work.

    Can you help me for the Tvheadend and DVB-C issue? My Brother have german Unitymedia, What must i do?

  • I think the best buy is KI Pro. For tvhheadend setup watch tutorials on youtube.

  • Update: I use the LE 8.0.2c-I image on a new Box (S905D) , start backup from my old S905 (without "D") start Restore and installtointernal, Job finished .

    After a restart without Card comes libreelec Screen, on the left side top, and comes

    LibreELEC Community Version 8.0.2c-I

    ..and nothing else, no boot from internal. i use my Backup from the old S905 K2 (S905 without"D")

    is it possible that have the Backup wrong dtb or others Informations from old 905 useinside?