RPi4 - duff SSD or not enough power - how to tell

  • Playing with the RPi4B 4GB, as a temporary measure I plugged in a micro SD card, ethernet cable, wireless keyboard dongle, Haupagge tuner and a 128GB SSD.

    Trying to start it up I get the initial boot screen then it just goes black. If I unplug the SSD it will boot correctly and I can then plug the SSD back in and access the videos on it.

    I have a 3A power supply (from ThePiHut), and not only does the SSD work on the Pi I can find no problems on it when plugged into either a Windows PC or a Linux Mint PC.

    I'm not overly bothered because I'll be plugging a powered 6TB drive in for real but I'm interested as to what the problem is. Any thoughts?

  • MatteN

    Good thought but it runs fine when the Pi has booted. Its a RCESSD and the label says 1A. I can't find the requirements for the Haupagge but it says either USB 2 or 3 and looking those up a USB 2 can deliver 100mA. Using the same measure for the keyboard dongle that would give 1.2A Best info I can find for the ethernet is 180mA so say 1.4mA total leaving 1.6 mA for the Pi itself.


    That was one of my thoughts and I did set it up for that before but I wiped the SSD and loaded videos onto it. Wiped using MiniTool which showed only the one ExFAT partition.

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  • What's more important in this case is how much power RPi4 can provide over USB ports ,which is 1.2A MAX.

    NOTE that this applies to all USB ports ,so if a device connected to an USB port requires 1.0A to work correctly ,then a second device ,connected on another USB port ,cannot/shouldn't draw more than 200mA.

    Reference link

  • Mirror your setup in RaspiOS and attempt to boot again. Without any form of log it’s all just speculation. At least that would rule in/out any firmware issues.

    You could edit the  /boot/cmdline.txt, remove the quiet option and watch the console for all messages during the boot process. That should give you an idea what you should be looking out for.