Need audio configuration info in wiki, like the great video configuration info

  • In the configuration section of the Wiki, there is a wonderful 4K/HDR section on video configuration. It has great detail, very helpful instructions on how to configure the settings in various circumstances, and useful, clear explanations about why. It's some of the best Kodi-related wiki information I've seen.

    I can't find any information on audio configuration though, except Pulseaudio. There are a lot of audio settings and I'm basically guessing with little understanding of what I'm doing.

  • To avoid reinventing the wheel a link to the excellent Audio Quickstart Guide in Kodi Wiki should be enough.

    Yes, that table is helpful, and for the very experienced it should be enough, but explanation, interpretation, and recommendation are helpful for the rest of us. But you're right, if it's nothing specific to LibreELEC, it's probably best handled in the Kodi Wiki.