LG G2 OLED TV and Raspberry Pi 4

  • Hi guys,a few months ago i bought a new tv,an LG G2 OLED ,hooked my RPi4 to it and everything seems to work just fine ,but the RPi4 is recognized as PC so the TV activated PC MODE automatically .

    The problem is that when the TV is in PC MODE,all the motion settings (Real Cinema and TruMotion settings on LG G2 ) are disabled si i'm getting a lot of judder when watching movies (24p movies).

    Is there a way to force the RPi4 as a media player (or whatever it's called ) ,so i can get the motion settings back?

    I'm using LibreELEC 11 and the RPi4 is connected thru the soundbar and i also tried to connect it directly to the TV,but it's always recognized as a PC.

    HiassofT sorry to summon you here,but iiirc,you also have an LG OLED ,so do you have any recommendations ?Thanks you!

  • I don't know on LG CX,but on LG G2 there's a lot of judder on slow panning shots and i always need to enable de-judder (i usually keep de-judder on 3-4,otherwise there will be to much SOE for my taste).

  • Have you enabled "Adjust display refresh rate" in settings/videos?

    Not having that enabled is the main reason for judder.

    I also run with all TV motion smoothing settings off and everything is perfectly smooth.

  • Yep ,it's enabled and i always used it.

    For the most part it's smooth for me too ,but slow panning shots ,especially where there's more contrast between various object in the scene (eg. panning on bright windows ) ,are sometimes unbearable without motion interpolation.

    Fir example the desert/mountain scene from this video ->

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    And according to some infos I've found on avsforum,it seems that the oled panel's internal refresh rate is not really in sync,even if the hdmi debug info report the correct refresh rate (in our case,24hz in case of a 24p movie).


    https://www.avsforum.com/threads/2022-l…7/post-62198740 <-- last quote is related to kodi.

  • Perhaps try connecting to another HDMI port on the TV?

    Yeah,trying all the HDMI ports was the first thing i did,but thanks for the suggestion .

    Initially i thought that it's because it was connected thru the soundbar ,so i tried the hdmi ports on the TV.

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  • VP9 .webm isn't the easiest thing to play.

    There is no hardware decode support for VP9 on the RPi4 (only H264/HEVC) so it would be software decoded. I'd expect 1080p media to be okay but no ARM board will handle 4K in software.

  • Yes,that was for reference ,you can play it on your TV and you will notice the judder (unless you crank up de-judder to the max).

    However ,i managed to force the tv's hdmi port in "hometheater" mode (that's how LG calls it) with the help of bscpylgtv and now all the motion interpolation settings are available .