VPN DNS diverts Nightlies to Nightlies with added adware links. Solved.

  • Still totally fine here. I am guessing your DNS has been diverted, or something along those lines. Nothing suspicious in the HTML either.

    I suppose is could be regional, not sure if the LE Team has a CDN or regional mirroring. But it could also be something on your end, worth checking out and making sure everything looks right on your end (i.e. another computer?).

  • More likely your computer has been compromised - we certainly do not include anything from adnetwrk dot com. Time for a fresh PC install I guess.

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  • Hias, I believe you are correct. I've have been having a few issues with this PC but thought I had resolved them when this popped up. I've cleared the cache etc. Maybe reset router.



  • To avoid causing alarm, can I suggest that the title of the thread is changed? Perhaps make it a solved question rather than an apparently incorrect assertion.

  • I've cleared the cache etc. Maybe reset router.

    Wild guess but I think you have some malware at your pc :)

    You can run Malwarebytes at your pc, that should help - or better format c:

  • After a traveling long and twisted path, it was in fact a VPN provider who apparently had a DNS attack on one of their servers. Once that particular service was switched off the problem went away. I've been in contact with the VPN provider.