• Has anyone been able to get tvheadend-autosuspend working on LE10?

    I'm using tvh on a regular core-i3 desktop, and want to minimise power usage by suspending the system as much as possible. The installation requires rtcwake, netstat, curl, xmlstarlet and jq. On Debian systems you can use apt-get to install these dependencies, but LE is different.

    Any help would be appreciated by this LE newbie. :)

  • I think that what you want is not necessary, the resource consumption of the tvheadend service when it is not serving streams is very low and when it is serving streams it is also very low (the resource consumption of the main kodi service when it is not doing anything is very higher).

    If you install tvheadend in LibreELEC via docker linuxserver/tvheadend image you will have a nice alpine-linux virtual machine inside the container, and you will be able to install the dependencies of the tvheadend-autosuspend extension without problems. I can't guarantee that this extension will work because I haven't tested it. Doing this when you know docker, portainer, linuxserver services, and little knowledge of linux scripting is very easy, otherwise forget your idea.

    Good luck! ;)

  • Appreciate you comments elonesna. The name of the script is rather misleading: it doesn't just suspend tvh - it suspends the whole system.

    So, unless I'm missing something, using it in a virtual machine won't work unfortunately.

    (btw the name derives from the fact that it works with tvh to make sure that it wakes up in time for any scheduled recordings. )

    The biggest problem is that rtcwake is not built in to the LE kernel.

  • Thanks for that mglae

    When I initially looked at the Kodi Power Saving options they didn't seem to cover the requirement completely, but having looked a bit more closely I think I can make it work for me if I can combine it with a suitably modified Idle Shutdown Script script.