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    Thanks for that mglae

    When I initially looked at the Kodi Power Saving options they didn't seem to cover the requirement completely, but having looked a bit more closely I think I can make it work for me if I can combine it with a suitably modified Idle Shutdown Script script.

    Appreciate you comments elonesna. The name of the script is rather misleading: it doesn't just suspend tvh - it suspends the whole system.

    So, unless I'm missing something, using it in a virtual machine won't work unfortunately.

    (btw the name derives from the fact that it works with tvh to make sure that it wakes up in time for any scheduled recordings. )

    The biggest problem is that rtcwake is not built in to the LE kernel.

    Has anyone been able to get tvheadend-autosuspend working on LE10?

    I'm using tvh on a regular core-i3 desktop, and want to minimise power usage by suspending the system as much as possible. The installation requires rtcwake, netstat, curl, xmlstarlet and jq. On Debian systems you can use apt-get to install these dependencies, but LE is different.

    Any help would be appreciated by this LE newbie. :)