[RPi4][CEC] Remote control not working after turning TV ON

  • As the title says,i have an issue with my TV remote not working after turning the TV on (from standby).I must say that i'm trying to fiind a fix for this issue since a year or so and is present on both LE10 and LE11.So let's start with my current configuration:

    OS - LibreELEC 11

    Device - RPi4 8GB

    TV - 40 inch Philips TV (2010 model)

    Sound - Hisense HS512

    Other connected devices - FireTV 4k

    TV Connections :

    RPi4 (HDMI0) --> Soundbar (HDMI2) --> TV (HDMI1 ARC)

    FiretV 4k --> Soundbar (HDMI1) --> TV (HDMI1 ARC)

    Steps to reproduce:

    1) LibreELEC is running and CEC remote works

    2) Power OFF the TV but don't switch to another TV input ( sounbar is also put to standby )

    3) Power ON the TV ( soundbar is also powered ON )

    4) Kodi UI shows up as expected and sounbar is also set to the correct input (HDMI2) but the remote control is not working

    5) Opening up the TV inputs menu is showing LIVE TV as currently selected

    6) Manually switching to LibreELEC input from the TV input menu fix the issue and the CEC remote control is working again


    I tried several CEC Adapter configurations,setting the correct physical address,HDMI port,connected device.etc) but nothing worked and also noticed that the physical address value wont't always stick and is automatically changed

    I thought that is caused by the soundbar ,because when it's powered ON it has a 5-8 seconds delay ,but that's not the case because on FireTV 4k everything works just fine

    Another side-effect is that switching to LiveTV input is also affected,meaning that it swirch to LiveTV input just fine but audio is not switched to ARC so there's no audio output on LiveTv ( this also brings WAF to a critical level) . Switching back to LibreELEC input and back again to LiveTV will fix the issue (wife will still complain though).

    Looking at the logs is seems like the active source is not set correctly,but i'm not really sure about it,so maybe you guys can spot something usefull in these logs.