Rpi 400 GUI glitch

  • First of all, thanks for libreelec. Amazing software. I've swapped my dell optiplex for a pi 400. I've sorted out all problems except for one. Every now and again I will got a small glitch at the bottom of the screen in the gui. It flashed for a split second then disappears. I've added the edid from my tv. I've searched for a few days but can't seem to find a fix to stop the glitch. The glitch doesnt appear during playback of videos or music. Any help would be great.

  • I have the same glitches on my RPi3B+ / LE 10.0.2. It's like a horizontal bar near the bottom of the GUI. This happens since LE 10.x. I think it's a small RPi video driver issue, not related to your TV.

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  • If you find any way of provoking the glitch more frequently (e.g. navigating between two specific screens) that would be helpful.

    It's pretty much impossible to debug a glitch that occurs once a week.

  • It really happens randomly. I've seen it after minutes while downloading Widevine CDM. No user input during that time.

    I'll have a look at my logs. If I find something, I'll post it here.

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  • I was going to start a new thread but think our issue may be the same as the one discussed in this thread.

    We've been using a Pi4 for quite a while now, generally without issue.

    For the last few months though we've noticed a flash of a white glitch along the bottom of the screen about an inch up and an inch wide running the full width of the screen.

    It's so quick that I can't get a screen grab of it.

    I updated our Pi to the latest LibreELEC (Matrix) 10.0.3 without issue but we are still seeing the flash of white.

    It's so random too, sometimes hours go by without seeing it.

    I've tried to re-create it but nothing I try makes it happen on cue.

    This happens while viewing video files, haven't seen it on the GUI.