LE11&10 NUC11 Audio lost until reboot [sample file]

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    2022-10-27 21:20:07.849 T:834      INFO <general>: Creating audio stream (codec id: 86019, channels: 6, sample rate: 48000, no pass-through)

    Try 2 audio output channels. Other channels will be encoded into those.

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  • There is a new firmware for some NUC11 models.

    For me, it helped to some extent to make audio passthrough working.

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  • There is a new firmware for some NUC11 models.

    For me, it helped to some extent to make audio passthrough working.


    thank you for the tip. I try to stay up to date with the Firmwares as well. Unfortunately, FW48 did not make a difference (debug log:


  • I played the test file from post #1 with this result (RPi3B+, LE 10.0.3):

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    It has subtitles and no audio. However, it doesn't crash my audio system, so I still have audio after playing the file.

    My current theory is a bad audio driver. It just shouldn't crash, whatever it plays.

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  • Line-by-line comparison between RPi and NUC11 shows a difference here:


    2022-11-15 02:12:25.554 T:655 INFO <general>: CDVDVideoCodecDRMPRIME::Open - using decoder V4L2 mem2mem H.264 decoder wrapper


    2022-11-12 14:41:40.389 T:960      INFO <general>: CDVDVideoCodecFFmpeg::Open() Using codec: H.264 / AVC / MPEG-4 AVC / MPEG-4 part 10

    So maybe DRM Prime is necessary to play the file correctly.

    PS: Click the gear icon on the playback bar. Under video settings search for DRM Prime, and switch it on / off. I'm not sure about the existence of this setting on current x86 builds, because I can only test on RPi.

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  • Hi,

    thank you for testing! I take it I need LE 11 to use DRM Prime? So I switched back to latest nightly. I cannot find DRM Prime settings in the playback bar>video, however there are some under settings > player > Video (Use DRM-PRIME decoder, hardware accelleration DRM PRIME) and they are activated. PRIME render method is set to EGL (http://ix.io/4ghV). Switching to direct to plane did not help either.

    The thread over at Intel mentions something about the EDID. I did try the getedid create script but it does not seem to save the edid correctly. Could the issues be connected?

    I tried one more thing: connected the HDMI cable not to the hdmi port but to the thuderbolt port via an adapter. The issue persists though http://ix.io/4ghX

  • Could the issues be connected?

    Possible. At first place I think your test file has errors, because I don't have audio with it. Those errors might lead to a re-initialization of the audio sink. If the EDID file is some sort of a map for the audio sink, then it could help to have correct EDID data.

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