Raspberry pi corrupted disk - help?

  • Running LE on a PI3, booting from a 1TB SSD directly. As we know there really isn't a graceful shutdown so there is always the risk of corruption...

    yes - you guessed it - my PI no longer boots as it cannot mount the disk. From the disk activity light on the USB enclosure I can see lots of activity on the disk but then it stops and boot fails. Of course I can start afresh but since I have TVheadend fully configured and lots of data on there - and SAMBA and the likes - I wonder if there is a way to get things going again without wiping everything??

    I did try a check of both the FAT16 and EXT4 partitions using Gparted on a ubuntu machine. EXT4 was clean - FAT16 OK as well. Both partitions can be mounted and read on that ubuntu machine - windows can as well.

    any ideas??

  • bit more info - turns out the PI boots fine but when it tries to mount the EXT4 partition it fails stating it cannot mount. Not always however - sometimes it fully boots up, fires up kodi and launches LE.

    is there anywhere I can look into the logfiles where it might give a reason for that failure to mount??