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    installed latest version - USB install on a Minix 9-H running with AVR and 1080 Bravia panel - and must say I'm impressed. All of a sudden refresh rate switching works as advertised and audio passthrough has no problems whatsoever. Kudo's - this might be the best PQ from all my boxes (2017 Bravia with 17.6, Minix "androidTV" with Leia, Mibox nougat beta with 17.6, x86 windows with 17.6)

    One thing however - the box does pick up time somewhere - I did put a couple of NTP servers in the settings - but it does not want to accept that I'm NOT in the UK and therefore do not want GMT. Not seen any timezone settings. Yes, localisation allows to select Australia but that in itself cannot accurately identify the correct timezone...

    I'm sure it's a setting somewhere - in Libreelec - but where???