Libreelec does not detect Wi-Fi networks on raspberry 3 A+

  • I just installed the latest version 9.2.8, and it does not detect any Wi-Fi network. I even can't establish SSH connection to modify the system. Pure Raspbian works well.

    Please help

  • How could I get to file system? I tried even write file ssh. and wpa_supplicant.conf file with on root dir.


    ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev







    It does not help to establish SSD connection. IP scanner does not see it.

    Only Bluetooth is available

  • Add "textmode" to kernel boot params in cmdline.txt and attach a USB keyboard. LE will boot to a console instead of Kodi so you can see the output on-screen and save logs to a USB drive or experiment with connmanctl to connect to networks. Use 'iw' to change regulatory domain if that's important. Once you've either got it working or obtained logs so we can investigate what the issue is .. share info.

    Jocke.Sve LE has never used wpa_supplicant.conf files and there are no plans to add support (we plan to drop wpa_supplicant and switch to IWD at some point in the near or mid-term future).

  • I have installed LE from the beginning on another cd card, and now it is working perfectly. Thank You.