Docker Portainer limit CPU error

  • I have set up Portainer and have several containers running happily on it, except WebGrabPlus, which seems to max out my RPi4's 4 CPUs and crashes LE.

    I see that I should be able to limit the number of CPUs it uses, but I get the error "NanoCPUs can not be set, as your kernel does not support CPU cfs period/quota or the cgroup is not mounted".

    The one thing about my containers that I didn't think was quite right but worked was setting my PUID and PGID to 0 as only root had access to my drives. I don't know if this would be contributing to my error...

  • I stopped using docker containers for security camera management due to high power consumption and replaced them with my own recording scripts. I also stopped using docker jellyfin containers due to the high power consumption in idle mode.

    RPi4 is still a small mess with a small processing capacity. I am using an x86_64 processor with LE running 24/7 and before permanently installing a docker container I always check the CPU usage and temperature in working and idle conditions.

    My server's CPU with all services running stays below 38-40ºC without using forced ventilation when the HDMI cable is disconnected, this seems great to me. To watch TV I use cheap TV Box clients with arm processor and without forced ventilation where the CPU temperature can reach 60-75ºC.

    In short, if your WebGrabPlus docker container forces your CPU too much, look for another alternative, I'm using eleven custom internal EPG grabbers with tvheadend on the server without problems.