Workaround fix when stuck on PVR cleaning

  • I got really upset when i should update my local M3u file and then clean out the old one... EVERY time i get stuck on 10% and have to SSH to reboot the system.


    1. Deactivate IPTV Simple PVR Client Addon.

    2. Change to the new m3u.

    3. Now go ahead and clean out the old m3u.

    4. Go back to IPTV Simple PVR Client Addon and activate it.


    Wait a couple of seconds and it will start to load the new m3u..

    This is the only way for me after the update to Kodi 19.3 on my RPi 4B 4gb... I do not know if that is a bug or something else...

    Take care..

    /Thore from Sweden

  • It's completely logical. The .m3u file is managed by the add-on, so if you edit it externally the add-on is not aware of changes. Deactivate, edit, and then reactivate, avoids that. If it worked differently in older versions that was likely luck more than design.

  • Ahaa... I have done it the "old" way for a couple of years with no problems, but the latest update stop me from do that in active mode.. anyway i am glad that it works now..

  • Do you use an EPG with the changed m3u? Because of a change in Matrix where the EPG is saved in a database, any change in an EPG entry will cause a database rewrite and there can be many thousands of these updates. The most efficient way to deal with many changes is actually deleting the EPG database with Kodi stopped and let it recreate it from the new source.


  • Yes the data from the URL would be stored in the database. With a lot of changes it can be very slow even on fast machines


  • Ahaa .. totally missed that.. Can you please share a link "how to" clear the cash? /Thore

  • What I do in development is when Kodi is stopped I delete EPG*.db and it gets recreated on startup. Maybe consider other things. IPTV works best with a stable provider but some users normalize their data with xteve. Reducing the channel list to the stations you actually watch is also going to help.


  • Superthanks... Do i find the .db file in the IPTV addon folder, or is it somewhere else?

    EDIT: Solved it

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