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    Hello.. I have a raspberry pi 4b with the latest Libreelec 10.0.2 on it. I wonder if the HDD goes in idle mode after a while? Cause i dont want them to run 24/7. Best regards Thore from Sweden

    Hello and thanks for all the tip here. Just one thought, can i change dtoverlay=gpio-shutdown to dtoverlay=gpio-reboot if i just want to get the pi out from halt and just reboot?

    Hello and merry christmas to you all...

    I have for a couple of days searching the net to make a "Reboot-Button" to my Pi. But there is VERY different ways to make it work. I am going to connect the button over pin GPIO3 & Ground, but there is discussions if that is right or wrong. So i wonder, is that ok to do that? And do i need to change in the "Config.txt" or in eeprom as they suggest?

    Best regards,Thore from Sweden

    I got really upset when i should update my local M3u file and then clean out the old one... EVERY time i get stuck on 10% and have to SSH to reboot the system.


    1. Deactivate IPTV Simple PVR Client Addon.

    2. Change to the new m3u.

    3. Now go ahead and clean out the old m3u.

    4. Go back to IPTV Simple PVR Client Addon and activate it.


    Wait a couple of seconds and it will start to load the new m3u..

    This is the only way for me after the update to Kodi 19.3 on my RPi 4B 4gb... I do not know if that is a bug or something else...

    Take care..

    /Thore from Sweden

    Hello to all.... I got a problem with my Kodi (Libreelec 19.1 RPi4B/ skin Aeon Nox) when i scroll through videos. The screen turns black and sometimes it stuck.I use movie set artwork if that is the problem? I have looked in the log and can see that is the "Studio White - Icons" that create the problem. I have tried to inactivate it with no luck, neither can i uninstall it though it is needed by Aeon Nox... Please help me

    Hello again and the tip works great.. The only difference was that it works with a LED connected to the USB without change the code. I looked at the code, and it was like you describe before editing. So i let it be as it is... Anyway, now i can wait till the LED goes out and turn the power off. Thanks :)

    Ahaa .. ok, its har for me to explain in technical english though i am from Sweden... The problem is that the screen shuts down several seconds before the Pi do it... So the tip with a led is great, i have a hifi berry hat on the pi so it could be hard to add a led from it. Or you probably have an idea? :)

    Sorry, forgot to mention that i have a Raspberry pi 4 built in a closet there i manage it over the local network... So that is difficult to see the RPi if the lights turn off... So i have been helped with the script that shows after i have turned off LE through the menu that starts rolling down on screen, and then show "turned off"...

    Hello to all... After a clean install of LibreELEC (Matrix) 10.0.0 i got a script in the shutdown process on the screen so i know when i can cut the power. But now it not show up anymore. Do anyone have a solution or any ideas how to see when its safe to cut the power? Best regards Thore from Sweden

    Hello to all of you.. :) I have built a new network around my new RPi4. I want to get posters on my favourites, but i can not get them though the sources is on a zeroconf network. Is it possible with a workaround there? Thore from Sweden