Boot M.2 PCIe HDD

  • Hello all,

    I purchased a Suptronics X873 V1.2 M.2 SSD Shield and 500GB HDD for the RPi4.

    The installation program LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.Win32 does not recognize this HDD when connected via USB to a PC with WIN10 and thus I cannot create a boot HDD for the RPi. The installer only requires a USB stick or SD card.

    I created the installation on the USB stick and then cloned the HDD. The system booted, but did not continue after the first reboot.

    Can you advise what I should do?

    Thanks for the advice Jira

  • A 500TB drive..? These hdd's are getting bigger each week. :cool:

    As far as the m.2 drive goes, I would also ask the Suptronics company about those initial boots. It's their add-on product. Also, it's possible that the m.2 addon board is not yet supported by the RPi4 USB boot firmware.

    Other than that, I'm confused. You buy a m.2 drive extension for the RPi4, but then you clone a USB to a harddisk..? Don't you want the m.2 drive to boot LibreELEC, and keep your media files on your "big" drive ?

  • I want to have everything on an M.2 HDD.

    As I wrote the installer LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.Win32 did not offer me as a target location M.2 HDD. It only allows installation to a USB key or SD card.

    Sorry, the drive is 500GB.

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  • The LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.Win32 is not a must, you can use every disk image-writing tool. I tend to use Rufus in Windows. As long as the m.2 drive is mounted correctly, you should be able to write the image to the m.2 drive. In Windows, iOS or Linux.

  • I will try the recommended program Rufus, but now I tried to write the image using "Raspberry Pi Imager" and it ended the same way.