raspberry pi zero 2 w

  • Latest LE11 nightly RPi2 build from https://test.libreelec.tv/ should start fine on RPi zero 2 (LE10 would also work but we have no RPi2 builds yet).

    Note though that 512MB RAM will be quite tight and you may run into out-of-memory issues.

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  • (Translated by google) After loading KODI, the mouse pointer disappears. The mouse, keyboard and touch pad do not work. No further work possible

  • Hi

    Mein Englisch ist schrecklich, entschuldigen Sie bitte.

    Ich habe LE11 Nightly RPi2 20211105 und 2121110 auf einem Pi Zero W2 und auch auf Pi 3 und 3+ getestet und im Großen und Ganzen funktioniert es bis auf 2 Probleme extrem gut.

    1 wenn der Pi (egal welcher) für ein paar Stunden Youtube, TVHeadendclient oder Netflix (was auf dem Pi Zero W2 wirklich gut funktioniert) läuft und ich dann versuche einen Film von Nash via SMB (alle Versionen) laufen zu lassen, hängt er sich auf Rechner an, es gibt leider kein Fehlerprotokoll da das System hängt.

    2. Nur NB 2121110, beim lokalen Stream TVHeadend Client (SAT TV) über WLAN kommt es nach wenigen Minuten zu Bildstörungen im unteren Bereich (Aussetzer), unabhängig von der Auflösung HW-Decoder aktiv, Rechner stürzt nicht ab. Ansonsten ist er vor allem beim Pi Zero W2 spürbar schneller geworden.

    Ich hoffe den Entwicklern hilft dies ein wenig.

  • Hi

    My English is terrible, please excuse me.

    I have tested LE11 Nightly RPi2 20211105 and 2121110 on a Pi Zero W2 and also on Pi 3 and 3+ and on the whole it works extremely well except for 2 problems.

    1. if the Pi (no matter which one) runs YouTube, TVHeadendclient or Netflix (which works really well on the Pi Zero W2) for a few hours and then I try to run a Nash film via SMB (all versions), it hangs on the computer, unfortunately there is no error log because the system hangs.

    2. NB 2121110 only, with the local stream TVHeadend Client (SAT TV) via WLAN there is picture interference in the lower area (dropouts) after a few minutes, regardless of the resolution HW decoder active, computer does not crash. Otherwise, it has become noticeably faster, especially with the Pi Zero W2.

    I hope this helps a little for the developers.

  • Hallo.
    Ich hoffe, dass es gut übersetzt ist.

    Ich habe eine Frage. Netflix auf Pi 0 2 W

    Ist die Auflösung bei der Wiedergabe 1080p? Oder 720p?

    This is an important part of my purchase of Pi 0 2 W.



    I hope it's translated well.

    I have a question to ask you. On pi zero 2 w, Netflix...

    When you play it, is the resolution 1080p? Or 720p?

    This is an important part when I buy pi zero 2 w.

  • kim_j_m The Netflix add-on can provide 1080p resolution, see here.

    No idea whether the RPi Zero 2 W can handle such a resolution. This takes more than just playing 1080p. The stream has to be decoded first, which needs additional processing power. Investigate this, or buy an RPi 4 to be sure.

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  • Sorry I was offline for a couple of days.

    So the Pi Zero 2 W has about the same performance as the RPI 3b but less RAM, Netflix runs on the Pi Zero 2 W with 720P (with me) as well as on the 3B. Unfortunately, I don't get a higher resolution from Netflix. I haven't tried RPI4 yet.

  • I have a Pi4 running LE 10 w/ JellyCon and just for kicks, I decided to try the same config on a recently acquired zero-2.

    Using the 2021.12.01 nightly build, I was thrilled to discover that it booted fine and ran Kodi (UI was a little slower than Pi4) and it proceeded to play 1080p MP4 and 1080p MKV X264 files with no problems.

    Unsurprisingly, the zero-2 choked on 1080p MKV X265 (HEVC) files, presumably due to lack of HW acceleration.

    The zero-2 also failed to launch JellyCon, which I need to check in the logs, but suspect it's an OOM issue.

    Sadly the latter is a deal breaker for me (losing sync between devices), but it was a fun experiment, and hoping we'll see a faster CPU and 1GB of RAM in future iterations of the zero.

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  • Unsurprisingly, the zero-2 choked on 1080p MKV X265 (HEVC) files, presumably due to lack of HW acceleration.

    So Netflix 720p does work on RPi Zero 2 W?

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