Librelec Nightly Dolby Digital transcoding bug

  • I have found a bug on the latest nightly build from Librelec on my Rpi3. Trying to watch something using the Netflix addon audio is not being sent or not being transcoded from DD+ to DD as it used to be (i think) and sent to my spdif optical audio.

    Playing files with DTS and DD are ok.


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  • Your debug log didn't show you trying to play a file.

    Can you confirm if this works with LE 10?

    Since I only own an RPI3B+ I cannot test the Librelec 10.0.1

    What I am trying to relate here is that I am running the latest nightly (Kodi Nexus) of today (11/02/2021)

    I did try again to capture my issue. This time I let it play in full a Dolby Digital Plus sample file that could be found here:

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    And the result was the same. I got no sound on my spdif out. Again, DD and DTS are playing correctly. The issue lays with DD+ being transcoded to Dolby Digital.

    Here's the new log:

    Hope that helps.

  • AC3 (DOLBY) appears to be working now on RPI4 on nightly (LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-11.0-nightly-20211120-62b201b). Now we need E-AC3 pass through (if not already implemented) and trans-coding option to AC3 (for older amps without E-AC3 capability).

  • After a while, I've decided to give a shot on today's nightly build. (10/12/21)

    Unfortunately, this bug is still present.

    Without DD transcoding is impossible to keep using LE10 as a media center. I've got a lot of media with AAC/Opus multichannel. And all the streaming services use DD+

    I want to daily drive LE10. Help to report bugs as I did on previous iterations. But, honestly, it's impossible at this time.

    popcornmix is there someone to who I can report this bug?

    chewitt H.E.L.P.

  • Until something happens in this area I have resorted to converting some unplayable AAC 5.1 and E-ac3 files to ec3-5.1 (Dolby Digital) using FFmpeg scripts or Batch Converter. It takes less than a minute to convert the audio in most cases.

    First impressions are good. If you use the "Audio Profiles" add on you can switch to HDMI to passthrough in a second.

    The "Audio Profiles" add on in the Kodi addon / Program add ons repository. Thanks to developers pksout, notoco and Regss.


  • RPI4 Libreelec 11 Nightlies.

    Regarding Audio Transcoding.

    Are we going to see AAC 5.1 or AC3Plus 5.1 passthrough transcoding to AC3 5.1 anytime?

    It seems the option to transcode AAC was dropped some time ago.

    Currently plays AAC 5.1 and DDP 5.1 audio channels as 2 channels with or without AC3 capability enabled in settings. Sometimes the channels get mixed up. Only option is to listen through the TV speakers.

  • That is likely because of the bug referenced.

    The fix hasn't been merged so won't be in nightly builds.

    You'll need one of HiassofT's builds with unmerged fixes.

  • FYI: I haven't included the kodi PR to fix this issue in my builds (I'm waiting for it to get merged), the working build linked above is a LE10 build that isn't affected by the bug.

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  • FYI: I haven't included the kodi PR to fix this issue in my builds (I'm waiting for it to get merged), the working build linked above is a LE10 build that isn't affected by the bug.

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    Re RPI4 Nighlty.

    I noticed the AC3 transcoding option has reappeared in the latest 20220105 RPI4 nightly. I tried it out on several AAC 5.1 audio videos but got silence. No channels were detected. With AC3 transcoding off I get 2 front channels. The options are simplified by the removal of channel number selector with passthrough selected. It was redundant anyhow.

    I look forward to your changes being implemented.



  • RPi4 LibreElec11Nightly Dated 20220210.

    I use a Just Boom Digi Hat. I use the SPDIF from this to the AMP.

    SPDIF Passthrough set for AC3 transcoding as per guide.

    Observations via SPDIF to AMP.

    AC3 is good. 5.1 channels indicated and plays fine.

    AAC 2 channel are indicated as 2 channels and plays 2 channels.

    AAC 5.1 channel displays as 2 channels but is silent.

    E-AC3 5.1 channel displays as 2 channels but is silent

    I'll send a log in several hours if it will help.

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  • hbbs No, it's not been merged yet. Just follow the kodi PR on github and ping us when it's been merged, then we'll have a look at updating kodi in LE to include it.

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