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    Hi LibreELEC,

    There is an important fix in the upstream of InputStream Adaptive that fixes a resolution issue with Netflix Add-on and possibly other services.

    A newer version was released on 19th June containing that fix. (…releases/tag/20.2.1-Nexus)

    InputStream Adaptive 20.2.1-Nexus is not yet available in the LibreELEC repo.

    Can any developer make it available, please? I'd like to keep using LibreELEC 20 as my daily driver.



    Definitely, something is wrong.

    I noticed also that when you finished playing audio over passthrough, that is being transcoded or not, after playing is done, the GUI sound audio is not present anymore.

    It takes a while, I cannot precise how long, but it takes a while for the GUI sounds to be brought back. Sometimes it doesn't come back at all.

    I discovered that because after I played a movie, immediately after, I went to watch some youtube and got no sound. Only after I closed Youtube and reopened it again did I get sound.

    I have also 'forced' the same situation playing an AC3 5.1 movie and playing a DTS 5.1 movie. I got no sound on DTS.

    Let's hope everything is being captured on the log.

    Here's the log:

    I concur.

    You can mark the bug as being resolved in the thread header.


    I don't know if it's just my setup.

    But I'm noticing some weird behavior.

    When I play something that is being transcoded into DD I got audio

    But if I stopped the audio transcoded Into DD and went to a file that has native dts

    Sometimes the audio isn't working. It's getting stuck as DD in the receiver.

    I had to stop it. Then play it again and my receiver shows DTS and I got sound.

    The other way around also occurs. It seems even more present. I mean try to play something with DTS audio.

    Then stop it. And then try to play something with native AC3 5.1.

    See if your receiver is getting stuck on DD or DTS.

    Try this a couple of times and let us know

    After a while, I've decided to give a shot on today's nightly build. (10/12/21)

    Unfortunately, this bug is still present.

    Without DD transcoding is impossible to keep using LE10 as a media center. I've got a lot of media with AAC/Opus multichannel. And all the streaming services use DD+

    I want to daily drive LE10. Help to report bugs as I did on previous iterations. But, honestly, it's impossible at this time.

    popcornmix is there someone to who I can report this bug?

    chewitt H.E.L.P.

    Thanks, chewitt.

    I was able to update today's build.

    Unfortunately, the DD transcoding bug issue was the reason that made me seek the newest build in the first place is still present.

    Could you look into that as well?

    I try to upgrade to the latest test build available in order to look if this bug (see this) was solved and ended up with a copy unusable.

    Without ethernet and with USB disabled. There was no way to downgrade. I was forced to do a fresh install. At first, I thought it could be something else and I did try to use the same image from 11/08/2021 again and the result was the same.

    Since it didn't work I did another fresh install using the version I was running before I tried to upgrade today (11/02/2021)

    Have anyone else encountered the same issue?

    Your debug log didn't show you trying to play a file.

    Can you confirm if this works with LE 10?

    Since I only own an RPI3B+ I cannot test the Librelec 10.0.1

    What I am trying to relate here is that I am running the latest nightly (Kodi Nexus) of today (11/02/2021)

    I did try again to capture my issue. This time I let it play in full a Dolby Digital Plus sample file that could be found here:

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    And the result was the same. I got no sound on my spdif out. Again, DD and DTS are playing correctly. The issue lays with DD+ being transcoded to Dolby Digital.

    Here's the new log:

    Hope that helps.

    I have found a bug on the latest nightly build from Librelec on my Rpi3. Trying to watch something using the Netflix addon audio is not being sent or not being transcoded from DD+ to DD as it used to be (i think) and sent to my spdif optical audio.

    Playing files with DTS and DD are ok.


    Thanks for replying chewitt

    I was referring to AV11080p software decoding. Can you tell us if the latest Dav1D code already reached the ffmpeg that you guys use to build Kodi upon?

    If you look into the changelog there is some ARM NEON optimisations made. That used to meant improvements to the Raspberry Pi. Maybe another dev can chime in here?

    I don't expect AV1 will become a thing in the broadcast world. It wasn't meant to be. VVC is the next thing in the broadcast world. But that's years away from us. But nonetheless I will assume that the Pi Foundation won't be negligent to the point of ignore AV1. It is for all intent and purposes the defacto NETVC standard.

    Only this month of September was announced three new "Stick devices" with AV1 hardware decoding capabilities from Amazon, Roku and Xiaomi. I'm pretty sure Google is about to launch a revamped Chromecast that will also support AV1.

    And since I really believe in the experience of running Kodi on a Raspberry Pi instead of a Stick I would like to ask you a final question.

    Since you were talking about raw CPU power in order to playback AV1 10BIT up to 1080p How well does Libreelec runs on the Raspberry Pi 400?