SPDIF passthrough mode getting stuck on LibreELEC (no sound) while changing Audio Codecs types.

  • Hi LibreELEC,

    If I play a movie with an AC3 5.1 audio track, the sound is correctly passed thru to my audio receiver as DD Digital.

    Now is when the issue begins. if I stopped the playback of said movie with an AC3 5.1 audio track and went to play another movie title, but this time with a DTS audio track.

    The sound doesn't come up. My audio receiver still shows DD Digital. It got stuck this way since I played the first movie title with an AC3 5.1 track.

    In fact. Not even the Kodi GUI sounds are being played.

    After that, I went to listen to a Web Radio (Stereo) and no sound came up.

    Sometimes when this happens the sound returns if I choose to play a movie title with the same audio codec that got stuck in the first place.

    But again eventually my audio receiver dropped the DD Digital to No Input and after that, I got sound again.

    But sometimes this takes a lot of time. And only a reboot will save me time.

    Below there is a log that I hope captured the steps I described above trying to reproduce this issue.


    Feel free to contact me if anything is needed.



  • Do you have the AVR connected to SPDIF out on the TV?

    The log looks fine, kodi is properly signalling PCM and passthrough to the hdmi driver.

    So this likely is an issue with your TV's SPDIF out, AVR's SPDIF in or some combination of both. Check if your TV has some settings to control SPDIF out.

    so long,