Pressing any key on the keyboard after a fresh install crashes the PI

  • Hi there,

    Just bought a PI 3, where i am going to install KODI on.

    I have downloaded "LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-9.2.8.img.gz", and installed via the USB SD Creator supplied by this site.

    Installed on a new 16Gb SD card, when starting the PI, it boots fine into the setup menu, but any key i press on the keyboard causes a crash (and reboot) of the PI ?

    I have done this many times before, so i am not sure what i do incorrect. I have used now 3 different keyboards (one which is working fine on another OpenElec/KODI install i have got).

    A few of the keyboards have a touchpad, which i can use and work OK, as long as i don't press a key it works fine.

    In my attempt to resolve this i have also installed "LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-9.0.2.img.gz", which give me the same results. Tried to create the SD using Rufus, but it all doesn't seem to matter, the PI crashes (and reboots), after pressing any key ?(

    Just found that's it's not any key but the cursor(s), enter, esc, back keys, so basically the important keys to navigate within KODI.

    Anybody an idea what can cause this, and how to fix this ?


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  • Name the precise version of your RPi 3 (A+, B or B+).

    Try Raspberry Pi OS, and post the result.

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  • Does a crash of your RPi3 also happen when you use Kore on your smartphone as a remote keyboard to Kodi?

  • I am using Yatse to remotely access multiple KODI installs, and i can confirm the same problem occurs when i use the cursor keys on this particular KODI install

  • Thanks for the infos! Current theory: The setup wizard tries to write to microSD while navigating, but there are no writing rights. Use Etcher, which is what I've been used for the same image.

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  • Hi guys, thanks for you assistance, but I've got it to work now. As i was setting this up for somebody else, it was connected to a monitor which i had laying around, and was connected via the HDMI and a display port cable. Now i have switched it to a proper HDMI monitor/cable it all works.

    I have absolutely not idea how this issues are correlated, but hey i am not complaining.

    If you guys have an idea why this issue could have been caused by the cable/monitor, i would be delighted to hear it, so i won't make this mistake again.


  • Wow, I've never seen this issue before. Thanks for reporting. :thumbup:

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