Subtitle add-ons won't download to webdav source using rpi4

  • Problem: subtitles fail to download to a webdav folder and consequently don't display during playback

    I checked the temp folder but it also doesn't contain any downloaded SRT files.

    I've been using online storage for my media for a couple years and I've added several folders on it as video sources via webdav. In Kodi this is indistinguishable from having media sources on a local NAS or USB drive. Since LE 10 (beta and now also the public 10.0.0 release) however subtitle add-ons such as the one for stopped working with webdav.

    Subtitles download just fine to local sources (USB drives as well as samba shares). And when I manually save subtitles to the webdav folder they also work fine during playback. It's as if the add-on itself has lost all write permissions for webdav folders. And just to be clear: this issue didn't exist with LE 9.x.

    I tried a couple subtitle add-ons but they all seem to have the same issue. I also removed opensubtitles and its config files and reinstalled but without any breakthrough.

    Please see attached zipped log for reference. The part with the opensubtitles add-on starts at line 1345. (removed because of plaintext webdav password in file)

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    Please use "pastekodi" and make sure it's a debug log file. I'm lazy for not looking, but you won't believe how annoying it is to be asked to download and unzip log files when it's the 10,000th time.

  • Very understandable. I tried pastekodi but the command doesn't give me a URL and Kodi produces an error message. I will try again later today.


    The gui option with error logs included works and I got this URL: (please don't open and read below)

    Never mind the part below. The link is not HTTPS and the web server doesn't have an SSL certificate. I changed the url accordingly.

    I can't open it in the browser though. Firefox produces this error:

    Secure Connection FailedAn error occurred during a connection to SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length.Error code: SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG

    Hope you can open it though.

    For some reason the uploaded log file doesn't contain any of the subtitle download attempts to webdav. I'll try again.

    I've uploaded the log to pastebin. Hope that's an acceptable alternative for now.


    And now pastebin removed it. Sorry this is becoming a mess. Please refer to my original post. I don't know what else to do.

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  • I just tried again and this time pastekodi cooperated.

    The log file should be accessible via *****

    Sorry I had to delete the link because I found the webdav password in plaintext in the log.

    I give up..

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