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    I have two Rpi 4 with Libreelec.10.0.One has 4 Gig and the other 8 Gig Ram.

    Now I have noticed that the 8 gig in a movie (h 265) jerks at the 4 gig but it does not.

    Does the 8 Gig still have to be set something?

    Raspi 4, Argone One m.2,LibreElec 10.0.0

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    There are no software differences between models, and nothing to be set. I'm not seeing HEVC issues with my own 8GB board so it's more likely to be something environmental or media related on your end. If it's something that you can consistently reproduce, please provide Kodi debug logs so we can investigate.

  • Now with 10.0, the processor load has dropped considerably.

    Unfortunately, it still stutters.

    I have no idea what to release with the whitelist. I need help with this.

    E.g. the film has a resolution of 2 048:[email protected],976

    But is not offered by my whitelist

    Raspi 4, Argone One m.2,LibreElec 10.0.0

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  • I have two Rpi 4 with Libreelec.10.0.One has 4 Gig and the other 8 Gig Ram.

    Do the two Pi's have their own sdcard/cables/power supply/TV connected?

    Or are you purely swapping the Pi and using the same sdcard/cables/power supply/TV etc?

  • Yes, each of the Pis is hooked up to its own TV.

    So can you confirm if the 8GB Pi is the problem or the setup (i.e. swap the two Pi's over and leave sdcard/power supply/cables/TV where they are).

    Does the 8GB Pi still have the problem, or is it now with the 4GB Pi?

  • I have exchanged the devices.now the 4 Gig is connected to the Samsung TV.it also jerks with the 4 Gig.all two Pi's run smoothly on the Panasonic plasma.

    The Samsung TV is a 4K and the plasma is a normal 1080 TV.

    Does it have anything to do with that?

    Raspi 4, Argone One m.2,LibreElec 10.0.0

  • My Raspis are equipped with "Kingston A400 SSD SA400M8/120G" not with sdcards.

    Could it also be because the HDMI cable is 5 m long?

    Raspi 4, Argone One m.2,LibreElec 10.0.0

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    I once used a 15m HDMI cable between a HTPC (not RPi) and my TV in the other room. But.. this was only a 1080p signal. I can imagine that a 4K/60 signal is a bit trickier, however a good quality cable should be able to provide a decent picture.

    Storage devices have no bearing on the output signal afaik. Otherwise, test a bootable USB stick with LibreELEC.

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    2021-09-17 11:32:31.457 T:779     DEBUG <general>: [WHITELIST] whitelisted modes:
                                                       2560x1440 @ 60.000000 Hz
                                                       1920x1080 @ 50.000000 Hz
                                                       1920x1080 @ 29.970032 Hz

    ^ this is the original log that you posted. Set the Kodi desktop to 1080p60, then allow doubled rates, and whitelist 3840x2160 @ 30/29.97/25/24/23.976, and 1920x1080 @ 60/59.97/50/24/23.976 modes. Enable "adjust refresh" on start/stop, and check for glitchy playback again.