Never getting list of channels (LE 9.2.6 on RPi3+Astrometa)

  • Hi everyone, my first post here.

    What I get:

    • When I click on TV or Radio, then Channels, I get the message "PVR manager is starting up: 0%" on the top right forever, flashing, but never changing
    • The list of TV and Radio channels are empty (0 channels)

    What I expect to get:

    • The list of channels be populated, and I be able to browse and watch/listen

    This is my setup:

    • Raspberry Pi 3
    • Astrometa DVB dongle (see dmesg output below) connected via USB Port to RPi3
    • LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-9.2.6 (Kodi 18.9)
    • Latest versions of Tvheadend HTSP Client and Tvheadend Server from LibreELELC repository
    • Latest version of DVBViewer Client from LibreELELC repository
    • Also the following add-ons installed: Raspberry Pi Tools, DVB Tools, System Tools, FFmpeg Tools, Adafruit Libraries
    • Donlge connected to local cable TV and also (in a different try) connected to the small antenna that was shipped with the dongle

    What am I missing? Where could be the problem? Am I missing an Addon, a hardware device, a special kind of coaxial connection, ...?

    Thanks in advance for your help and support :)

  • Latest version of DVBViewer Client from LibreELELC repository

    Why do you need that if you r using tvheadend server?

    I think you need to have a look how to setup tvheadend server and scan for channels then you use htsp client to view your channels..

  • If the stick is recognized under tvheadend server (192.168.*.*:9986) u just need to add the mux that is for your region and activate the stick for this setup. Then it should start scan all muxes for your territory. After finish u can map all or specific channels to your channel list and then it appears inside any dvb client that is connected over lan to the server adress.